S-119: Thackery < King of Keys >
Owned By: nothingyet
Designed By: Zoomutt
Rarity: Rare
Subspecies: --

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests


Theme Song: King and the Lionheart - Of Monsters and Men 

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Thackery shops at Not Topic
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Keys keys keys
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Character Sheet:


Nightmare of:
You've searched everywhere for your keys and they are nowhere to be found.

King of Keys


Keys, cute creatures

Chaotic Good

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Adventure Battles

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Date User Log SP SP(Total)
2021-09-13 05:53:02 Grifferie Added to the masterlist.
2021-08-25 01:54:42 Jettisonius [QUEST] Summerween Prompt by Emechuu: SWEEN-001 11 145
2021-07-21 01:36:07 Katarina [QUEST] DREAM003 Thackery: DREAM-003 15 134
2021-07-21 01:29:35 Katarina [QUEST] DREAM002 Thackery: DREAM-002 18 119
2021-07-20 20:54:25 kuro [QUEST] DREAM001 Thackery: DREAM-001 16 101
2021-06-29 22:55:56 porkbun [QUEST] DREAM-009 by Puppy Nei: DREAM-009 8 85
2021-06-29 22:55:37 porkbun [QUEST] DREAM-008 by Puppy Nei: DREAM-008 6 77
2021-06-29 22:55:12 porkbun [QUEST] DREAM-007 by Puppy Nei: DREAM-007 6 71
2021-06-29 22:54:00 porkbun [QUEST] DREAM-006 by Puppy Nei: DREAM-006 6 65
2021-06-29 22:53:45 porkbun [QUEST] DREAM-005 by Puppy Nei: DREAM-005 6 59
Date Note
A Stygian in Scarlet
Boss Key

Capture Capsule (Normal)

Capture Capsule (Good)

Capture Capsule (Great)

Random Healing Potion

Remedy Poison

Remedy Iceblight

Jar of Stamina Restore

Jar of Raid Rewind

Elixir Restore (Greater)

Healing Potion

Healing Potion (Medium)

Healing Potion (Max)

Greater Healing Potion

Arcade Elixir

Baby Phoenix Hatchling Down

Dreamlands Stamina Restore

Risen Phoenix Hatchling Down

Small Crystal Rainbow

Medium Crystal Rainbow

Large Crystal Rainbow

Small Crystal Magic

Medium Crystal Magic

Large Crystal Magic

Small Crystal Dark

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Key Order vs Chaos (Easy)

Key Order vs Chaos (Hard)

Key Order vs Chaos (EX)

Key Labyrinth (Easy)

Key Labyrinth (Hard)

Key Labyrinth (EX)

Aetheneum Key (Easy)

Aetheneum Key (Hard)

Aetheneum Key (EX)

Ice Key (Easy)

Ice Key (Hard)

Ice Key (EX)

Key Submerged (Easy)

Key Submerged (Hard)

Key Submerged (EX)

Collosweum Key (Easy)

Collosweum Key (Hard)

Collosweum Key (EX)

Key Puzzle's Lair (Easy)

Key Puzzle's Lair (Hard)

Key Puzzle's Lair (EX)

Floresctival Key (Easy)

Floresctival Key (Hard)

Floresctival Key (EX)

Key W?nd?rl?nd (Easy)

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Rainbow Candy

Mushroom Cap Plant

Mushroom Harvest Plant

Small Pumpkin Plant

Pumpkin Harvest Plant

Spoopy Pumpkin Plant

Thorns Harvest Plant

Small Tree Plant

Tree Harvest Plant

Mome Plant Pink

Mome Plant Yellow

Mome Plant Black

Blue Flower Plant

Pink Flower Plant

Orange Flower Plant

Egg Plant Blue

Egg Plant Yellow

Egg Plant Pink

Small Orange Flower Plant

Small Black Flower Plant

Small Blue Flower Plant

Small Pink Flower Plant

Small White Flower Plant

Baby Carrot Plant

Onion-chan Plant

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