When we of the waking world first began to sleep, we created a collection of memories, experiences, thoughts. These things, over time, began to fester, gathering together until they became something more: the Nightmares.

At first, the only thing that existed within these Nightmares was a tree, a tree that gathered all of the dreams and all the nightmares of those that slept. And then, as the tree began to grow and branch outwards, Stygian were created from it, considered the children of the tree. These children, too, were able to gather, collect, and consume nightmares. As they did, they grew stronger, and so too did their tree.

The tree grew until it was not just a simple tree at all, but an entire world, an expanse, a dimension of purely Nightmares.

All Stygian live in this Nightmare world. They are made of nightmares themselves, and the nightmares shape them, be it through power, influence or appearance. By consuming the dreams of of the waking world, and by also corrupting them, they are able to continuously sustain themselves, and perhaps one day, become something greater...
The Waking World: This is the "real" world, where we (as people) reside in. The Nightmare Tree rests directly belfow one of the entry points to the waking world. Any humman that can dream and have nightmares may dream up a Stygian.
The Dream World: The next tier is the dream world, considered a long corridor between the waking world and the nightmare realm. Here, the roots of the tree have almost no power, those that travel in the dream world are prone to attacks from the non-nightmare friendly variety. Here, Stygian may also drag or corrupt others into the world of nightmares.
The Nightmare World: This is the very first layer that belongs to the Tree. Here, Stygian are at their prime element and have full power. The Nightmare World also extends beyond the base of the tree below. Branching off the well-known path, Stygian will move further and further into unexplored, uncharted nightmare territory. They may find nightmares, creatures, things that they have never seen before, of the friendly and non-friendly variety. As the nightmare realm is endless, they cannot venture too far from the tree, or they may be lost forever.
The Nightmare Kingdoms: A series of endless domains, this area is well contested due to being closest to the tree, the source of all their power.
The Sleeping Tree: Nobody knows when the tree stopped moving, but as it did, large, colourless crystals grew around the base of the tree and there was a great silence. If there ever was a great deity, they are quiet now, leaving behind only fragments, also known as branches, of its legacy, known as Legendary Stygian.
Every Stygian originates from a nightmare, and that becomes their home, called their Nightmare Kingdom. Their kingdom may evolve, depending on the Stygian themselves and the choices and memories they make, but their kingdom represents a combination of the nightmare the Stygian originated from, and influences that affect their nightmare. A Nightmare Kingdom can be as large or as small as one wishes: it can be made of darkest night, or brightest day, it can have trees, waters, ice, forests, the options are endless, something, and somewhere the Stygian can call home!

Legendary Stygian can have kingdoms, a series of multiple domains they created. They can also invite a Stygian and their domain into their kingdom. Think of this like a domain being a town, and a kingdom being a... kingdom.

If you want to set up your own Stygian's kingdom to be explored on site, check out how to do so here!

About The Nightmare Tree: The Nightmare Tree is an entity that can be sometimes even seen through a Stygian's own Nightmare Kingdom. Its branches reach endlessly through the Nightmare realm. At the base of the Nightmare tree is where the Night King's Kingdom was, and still is, though due to its convenient proximity to the base of the Nightmare Tree, and also the accessibility of his kingdom, it has become less his kingdom and now a central gathering hub, a nightmare vale, of sorts.
Current population: ???
Threat rate:
Weather: Puzzle with eyes lurking in the dark
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The Nightmare Vale
This is technically the beginning of where the Night King's kingdom is, called the Nightmare Vale. It is open to all Stygians, and even Treats alike, and is tied to the powerful miasma of the Nightmare Tree. The Nightmare Vale has two visible layers: a treehouse layer that upon ascending its branches through convoluted ladders and simplistic pullies, has shops that sell anything from shadow tokens, to daydreams, to cards, to practically anything a Stygian can imagine. It is rumoured that at exactly 3 am on the 3rd moon of every 3rd month, a mysterious vendor shows up that sells Floresce for exactly 500 token - what a steal! The base layer of the kingdom has become something of a vacation resort. Glowing lights litter the area, and often large Stygian conventions (like the Floresce-con) are held here, along with sometimes sporting events, sometimes gaming events, and sometimes junkyard events since visitors love leaving stuff in the nightmare vale without taking things with them. You never know if you'll find a large rubber duck in one of the twisted alleyways, or just a literal duck wandering around.

The Night King can sometimes be seen in the Nightmare Vale - it is rumoured if you say his name three times... he still won't show up.
The Underground
The underground is a twisted series of massive tree roots that you can follow in tunnels beneath the Nightmare Vale itself. You may follow a tree root from one place and end up entirely in another place, accidentally in someone else's Nightmare Kingdom, if you're not careful. These roots were meant as an emergency way of going from point A to point B very fast, and randomly, but clearly because this was not a well thought out idea, half the tunnels go nowhere, and the other half just lead back to themselves. For those who venture further and get unlucky... (see the Labyrinth below)
The Labyrinth

... Beneath the deepest roots of the Nightmare Vale's tree (and the Nightmare tree by extension), there is sometimes a stray tunnel that glows red. For any Stygian that follows that tunnel, they will begin to hear voices begging and pleading for them to turn back, and the uncanny sense of something watching them. Continuing further will lead them to the first floor of the labyrinth. Whether it was a structure that the tree created, or something even older, it remains a mystery to most. Here, the roots of the nightmare tree disappear, leaving endless corridors bathed in red that shift and change from time to time, sometimes growing claustrophobic and narrow, sometimes twisting and turning into a nonsensical upside-down room. The first floor of the labyrinth is mostly benign, as the deeper a Stygian goes, the more likely they will descend into madness. Occassional twisted bookshelves line the walls of the labyrinth but they do not make much sense. A strange, heavy thudding noise can be heard all throughout the first floor, slow and steady. The walls are oddly warm. A Stygian could get stuck here for days, hours, before finding their way back.

(( OOC: IF YOUR STYGIAN has/had the "LAB7" tag or "ELDER" tag on their cert:)) Denizens created specifically within the Labyrinth are in a consistent state of flux - able to hear the maddening whispers of the labyrinth regardless of where they are. It may be a voice, some voices, their own or familiar one, a stranger or their conception of what a god is, and the voices always betray their own darker promises and hopes. Those from the labyrinth may always feel closer at "home" to this place, sometimes found wordlessly wandering each hall, listening to "whispers" and "promises", heads faced into the wall, motionless - though a truly sane explanation as to why these phenomena happen is still to be explored.
The Aetheneum

What was once the a forgotten keepsake of the past has now resurfaced as a grand library. It is not just a library, but the only place capable of restoring old, or artifacted nightmares that fell to obscurity centuries ago. The Aetheneum now has become a grand repository for browsing archives of nightmares of the past, though a lot of the records seem to be illegible at best. While the curator of the Aetheneum does their best to try to create new books and archives with better writing for all present day Stygian to access, Stygian themselves are welcome to also contribute to the Aetheneum records as it is not just a respository for history but for the actions, deeds, and fancies of all nightmares. You may even find books created by fellow Stygian here, for better or worse. Nothing like reading a 5000 page text on how to evolve a Floresce!

(( OOC: IF YOUR STYGIAN has/had the "AETHENEUM" tag or "CELESTIAL" tag on their cert:)) Denizens created specifically within the Aetheneum are ones that fell to obscurity centuries or even millenia ago. They perhaps were once powerful, or in the case of Celestials, even worshipped, though as time passed by, a lot of their accomplishments became forgotten by the nightmares. In their forgotten state, they faced a half-living existence, where they were at most, mildly aware that they existed, without memory or coherence. After the revival of the Aetheneum in the present time, they've finally been able to restore most of the memories, and power that they had lost, once again reunited with power of the Nightmare Tree. The Aetheneum however, continues to restore the forgotten, even those recently so. Unlike figments, or guardian Stygian, these Aetheneum restored would be considered "repaired" as opposed to "created". Sometimes these repaired Stygian may talk about the "good old doomsday days" when gods walked the earth and the nightmares were at dire war and so on so forth, but most modern Stygian just chalk it up to "ok doomer".

Her Majesty's Kingdom

Her Majesty has opened her domain to all visitors, no longer a kingdom but a irreplaceable part of the Stygian nightmare. Immediately you see in front of you a castle. It is made of pure ivory with gold winding spires, and blue flags waving all directions in the wind. It is resplendent, it is glorious, it defines structure and beauty. You cannot help but feel a sense of - is it intimidation or respect? - as you enter along the halls, light spilling all directions from long windows. The same fine craftsmanship outside is reflected inside the great hall that you arrive at. A large banner is draped at the end of the hallway, outlined by stained glass: the order headquarters sigil. There is a throne below the banner, but it is empty, and seems as if it has been long untouched. In front of the throne is a large circular table, but that too has no seats and seems to have been abandoned.
Athro's Kingdom

Athro has opened his domain to all visitors, no longer a kingdom but a irreplaceable part of the Stygian nightmare. The path ahead of you winds deeper and deeper through the fog and you eventually hit what is undoubtedly a forest. It starts off as several trees, roots, seemingly extending further than your eyes could ever imagine, and then further and further. You have become part of the fog around you, and your body feels heavy, foreign, and it feels like an eternity plodding forward. One step at a time, you see it: lights in the distance.

One, ten, and then thousands of lights, flickering through the fog, clearing the way as above you is a massive, sprawling forest. There is something about the atmosphere that makes everything feel a little more enchanted, mystical, almost as if you are in a sacred place. For a moment, you feel like you see a shadow loom past you, and then, nothing. Nothing but eyes all around, watching you.
Explorer's Guild

For the highly adventurous Stygian still looking to visit more kingdoms and even help out a guild, they can check out the Explorer's Guild. Here, Stygian have the option of opening their own Kingdom to other visitors (tourists), or doing some tourism themselves and visiting the kingdoms of their fellow Stygian. Please note: a Stygian cannot visit a Treatling's Castle.

Merchant's Guild

For the highly adventurous Stygian still looking to conquer untameable pocket nightmares attached to the labyrinth, check out the Merchant's Guild. Here, your Stygian will have to overcome a series of challenges within a dungeon before they can leave, though sometimes they may even get lucky and get treasures. For more information, please check out the information elow: