Not much is recorded about the creation or growth of legendary Stygian other than one simple beginning: It all begins with a nightmare not their own, and within it, the Nightmare Tree, waiting.

Legendary Stygian are Stygian fully infused with a branch of the Nightmare Tree. This gives them strength over a domain of nightmares, known as their tree "branch". This theme could be nearly anything, from flames, to darkness, to twilight and even nightmares about dragonflies or butterflies. While this does not make them the definitive source of the nightmares, legendary Stygian of that branch automatically are drawn to, and generate/influence themselves, nightmares of their theme. For instance, a legendary of stars invading a nightmare may accidentally influence the nightmare to also have the theme of the endless expanse of stars, though there is only ever one legendary of a single branch influence.

In addition to legendary traits (all legendary Stygian must at LEAST have one legendary trait), legendary Stygian can be broken into certain types. Some are locked through events (IC events), others are available with the blessings of the tree. While there are minor apeparance differences for each type, the most important difference is the lore behind each legendary type, as their origins become quite different.

Q: I have a Stygian legendary - can I change it to another subspecies?
A: Check out the Divine job class legendary skills that all legendary Stygian get! This is the only case where a legendary subspecies can be swapped.

Q: Can a legendary I own change branches?
A: Sadly, once they pick a branch, they are bound to it. How you want to explore that branch's theming is up to you: even if its something as straightforward as "love" it doesn't mean it has to be ONLY good love, and can be aspects of it, like the resentment of love, the result of bad love, etc etc.

Q: How do I get a legendary?
A: Short answer, sales, events, auctions, but if you'd like the free and guaranteeed ARPG route, check out the LEGENDARY ASCENSION QUESTLINE above!

Q: How come I cant get __ legendary subspecies anymore?
Long answer short: lore reasons. All legendary Stygian subspecies have different (though optional) storylines, and thus originate from different events. While there will be special occassions to upgrade Stygian (or sales, etc for example), almost all lore related legendaries (such as Elder, Celestial, etc), will be tied to a lore related event or mini-event.

Q: Can legendary branches overlap?
They cannot, though the options for branches are as infinite as the rays of the sun (or really, the english..language... dictionary). If you're curious which ones are taken, why not view the legendaries masterslist here! We do not reserve, or guarantee any legendary branches: backup themes are recommended as well.

Q: Does having a legendary Stygian mean I won the internet?
Well, you'll always win the internet no matter what you have. Legendary Stygian have great lore tie-ins but are not a "must" of this ARPG by any means. Other than having a lore tie-in and SLIGHTLY better stats, it is more what you want to get out of your characters and your Stygian. Do some of them have a reason to inherit a greater purpose and responsibility? Do some bow out of it? Do they fit a certain theme or idea you want to give them? These are all questions that can be explored in the legendary ascension questline (see link above).

Q: I own a legendary Stygian! Do I NEED to know all the lore dedicated to its subspecies?
While the read is recommended just for information fun, you dont need to ADHERE 100% to everything written below. For example if you decide your cursed Stygian is not good at disgusing themselves, that's fine too. Stygian lore and your character is however you want to create it in their nightmare, and the below information just gives you more options on how you want to accomplish lore bits, IF you are interested. If you just like the Stygian for the art, that's a beautiful goal too.

Q: Why are legendaries so hard to get?
Because the Silph Co CEO only gave you one masterball.

General Stygian Design: Must include ANY legendary trait in their design
Called "Children of the Tree"
Descended directly from the Nightmare Tree, these legendaries are born from their own tenacity and power. Some are cut directly from the Nightmare Tree's branches, to become a legendary, others are blessed by the tree to become so. Their strongest area of power is within their own nightmare kingdom - and their ability to house, or shelter multiple other (non legendary) Stygian kingdoms inside it
The most versatile of the legendary Stygian, these are not bound to any specific code or desire, and do as they please, and are the most suited candidates for all the (non specific) legendary job classes.

General Stygian Design: Must include SIZE-CHANGER legendary trait in their design.
Cursed Stygian are known as the "deceptive" Legendaries. They value subtlety and often hide their true nature and character behind a simple Stygian appearance known as their "disguised" form. Becuase of this, a cursed Stygian,if they have an alt form, may treat it canonically as their "disguise" form.
These Stygian for the most part consider themselves distant "cousins" of the more direct divine subspecies counterparts - not satisfied with a direct approach to their branch. Their strongest ability lies in infiltrating other areas and nightmares, and building into it, until their influence is known within.
Cursed Stygian are able to hide their influence as a legendary even from other legendaries!

General Stygian Design: Must include DREAM AND NIGHTMARE legendary trait in their design.
The third of the "distant cousins" of the divine subspecies, these Stygian have found the ability to survive within dreams, as well as nightmares.
Due to this, they can often shift between their dream form (their favoured form for exploring dreams) and their nightmare form (favoured form for exploring nightmares).
Due to their dual nature, their branch influence is the weakest in their dream forms, having almost no discernable influence in the dream world around them. Like all Stygian, they are at their prime in their nightmare form, and can easily exert their power then. Their exceptional nature comes from the fact that they can survive long exposure in the dream realm, while most Stygian would either fade or lose their power.

General Stygian Design: Must include [ ++ ] ANIMATED WEAPONS MASTERY trait in their design. Can only be obtained through special occurences. A King/Queen's guard legendary is most proficient in weapons, having dedicated their entire lives to battle. They pride themselves in a mostly unknown existence.
All Kings/Queensguard Stygian will inherit the ROYAL GUARD job skill
Protectors of the Night King (Stygian) are Kingsguard, Protectors of Royal Vanilla (Treatlings) are called Queensguard
The greatest honour bestowed upon the knights chivarlic order is to become the Kingsguard, Stygian dedicated to protecting the Nightmare Tree tirelessly, in the footsteps of the Night King himself. They strive to be unknown, obscure objects that simply exist as guardians and protectors, tirelessly fending the tree from invaders and even those who seek to abuse its power. Proficient in weapons and combat, the Kingsguard dedicate their life to the knights code: to protect, to guide, to remember.
For there will be a day when they are the last barrier of defense for the Nightmare Tree, and they must therefore eternally remain vigilant.

General Stygian Design: Must include PRIMORDIAL legendary trait in their design. This is a RESTRICTED SUBSPECIES and can only be obtained through special occurences.
Only Elder legendaries can inherit the Elder job class (and its IC effects).
Called "Children of the Labyrinth"
These are the oldest of the legendaries, existing as primordial nightmares, as chaos and void before even nightmares existed. As the Nightmare Tree grew in influence, it sealed this primordial mass, though overtime, an unusual symbiotic creation was born: a child of both the Tree and the primordial space, the Labyrinth, underneath. As the Labyrinth itself is multiple entities beyond the reach of the Nightmare Tree, Elder Stygian bridge that gap between existence and madness. They often lose themselves to their own nightmare, sometimes becoming formless Labyrinth constructs, before becoming part of the tree again.
Elder Stygian can only exist in Stygian form in nightmares: the moment they move beyond to dreams, for instance, their grasp on their own sanity begins to ebb...

General Stygian Design: Must include FRAGMENTATION legendary trait in their design. This is a RESTRICTED SUBSPECIES and can only be obtained through special occurences. When fragmentation manifests on a Celestial Stygian, it becomes their "statue" form, their form the took like the many idols of worship created after them. This statue form cannot be stacked with Dream + Nightmare.
Only Celestial legendaries can inherit the Celestial job class (and its IC effects).
Called "Children of the Aetheneum"
Millenia ago, when the Aetheneum was known as another name, it rested at the peak of the Nightmare Tree, called [ ??????? ]. These legendary Stygian were blessed by the growing Nightmare Tree, which was back then in its prime, and thus contains the strongest aspects of duty and dedication. They do not simply consider themselves guardians of that branch, they consider themselves the embodiment of it: mere whispering their names or their natures was a prayer that would strengthen a bond between any and them. The more followers or "worshippers" they gained, the exponentially stronger these children became. Over time however, their powers waned, and they were forgotten. Without followers, without any who remembered, they became mere whispers, statues, nothing.
Yet someone remembers them now. The whispers of worshippers, the promise of power, the rise of the Aetheneum itself. Isn't this all according to divine will?

General Stygian Design: Must include DREAM + NIGHTMARE GLITCH FORM trait in their design. This is a RESTRICTED SUBSPECIES and can only be obtained through special occurences. A Null legendary's true form glitched form, their projected form a "normal" boss form. Their glitched Dream and Nightmare form is a result of data being corrupted over the time, the more times they are summoned to battle to be defeated. Only Null; legendaries can specifically have a glitched Dream and Nightmare form.
Only Null legendaries can inherit the Null; job class (and its IC effects).
Called "Raid level bosses" of [ DREAM-ONLINE ]
As the sensational MMO [ DREAM-ONLINE ] was released in the Nightmare World, users began to demand more powerful and interactive bosses to fight. Thus, [ DREAM-ONLINE ] itself as a framework took sentience and created the perfect series of NPCS, labelling them [ RAID TIER BOSSES ]. Each raid boss was given their own raid location, a prison in which they were eternally summoned to be defeated over and over again by adventurers. Each was created into Dream-Online with lore; their past origins int the Dream-Online universe, how they were once heroes, and how they now must be defeated for crossing unspeakable boundaries as punishment. Created to be defeated by others over and over, through time, their data from so many resets became corrupted, their own thoughts unstable. Why must they repeat the same cycle over and over? Do they even exist or are they simply... bits of nothingness, a null existence?
For they remember each summon, each encounter, each defeat. They are bound to the words of the DREAM-ONLINE code. And with each repeat and cycle, something changes, something snaps. They wish to break free from their purpose.

General Stygian Design: Must be a Treatling. This is a RESTRICTED SUBSPECIES and can only be obtained through special occurences.
Unlike the other subspecies, this one is a "double class" subspecies. Meaning a treatling legendary can also take on another legendary subspecies as well. Instead of influence from the Nightmare Tree however, their influence is entirely from the Treatropolis Sun.
Called "Champions of the Sun", they obtain their powers from Treatropolis (the Treatropolis Sun), the original home of all Treatlings.
Their close connection to the Sun means they can tell when it is in danger, and it is in their instinct to protect it, if a time should come. Legendary Treatling are not Stygian and never will be: their power comes entirely from the dreams the Sun has absorbed. Their ability to influence their domain is similar however, to the Nightmare Tree: within their own Treatling Castle (or any areas of control they influence that are dream territory), they are able to exert their branch almost uncontested.
Legendary Treatlings however become excessively weak in a Stygian's nightmare. Barely able to even exert their legendary appearance, they appear almsot as normal Treatlings or even Stygian in disguise to other Stygian.
This is not to be mistaken for Treatlings who do the "legendary ascension" questline: those would be considered still Treatling, but with a "disguised" legendary form, as opposed to being a Legendary Treatling.

General Stygian Design: MUST be with another species/subspecies. This is a RESTRICTED SUBSPECIES and can only be obtained through special occurences.
Unlike the other subspecies, this one is a "double class" subspecies. Meaning a hybrid legendary can also take on another legendary subspecies as well. Hybrids usually have full influence from the Nightmare Tree.
Hybrids leave an unusual existence: one so contradictory, even the Nightmare Tree is unable to tell if they exist, or not. Because of this, they often embue the best of their abilities: this includes the Stygian part of them that allows them to access the Nightmare Tree and their branch of influence.
Probably the rarest existence of all Stygian: a hybrid Stygian existing and occuring on its own is already an unusual thing - a Hybrid legendary is nearly impossible: a miracle of miracles.