• All Stygian automatically have an avatar form. There are no special conditions for this, each Stygian starts with one Avatar form available to them as a default. Avatar forms do not need approval, either.
  • Common, uncommon, rare, and demi-god Stygian have one avatar form as a default. They can choose either a human or animal avatar form.
  • Legendary Stygian can choose 2 forms out of these options: human, animal, or mythical avatar. (See above for restrictions.)
  • Extra avatar forms can be ulocked by doing certain quests, job skills, or using an Avatar MYO ticket.
  • Avatar forms do not need official approval to be used in quests. 
    • Avatar forms can be used in most quests. Some quests are limited to human avatars only. (Mythical avatars count as animal avatars for quests.) See individual quest rules for details. 
  • Avatar forms are NOT automatically added to the Masterlist. To add an avatar form to the Masterlist on an official cert, use an Avatar Rebase/MYO ticket. See below for details. 
    • Avatars can be added to your Stygian's image gallery, no approval or tickets needed!
  • Treatlings and Divers do NOT recieve avatar forms.



  • Having avatars certed and added to the masterlist requires an Avatar Rebase or Avatar MYO ticket.
  • These tickets can be purchased in the item shop, various other shops, or won in events. 
  • The Avatar Rebase ticket allows you to have an already unlocked avatar form certed, or update the art of an already certed form.  
  • An Avatar MYO ticket allows you to create a new avatar slot, and have the avatar for that slot certed. 
  • Certed forms can be human, animal, or mythical forms. You can have one of each type certed (so you could have 1 human and 1 animal avatar certed, but not two human avatars). 
  • Remember! It's not required to have an avatar certed. You can use them in quests without having them certed.



  • The body will always be human based. Must always have human hands, feet, arms, legs, and head. Fingers and toes can be slightly 'claw-like' or have long nails, but should still remain human in overal type.
  • Can have Stygian ears and antlers. Both are optional. 
  • Skin can be any colour. 
  • Hair colour should match the Stygian's hair colour, or the Stygian's pallete (in the case of the Stygian no having hair). Hairstyle and length can be anything (length usually matches the Stygian form length). Hairstyle can change quest to quest, as well.
  • Eye colour will always match the Stygian's. 
  • Should be normal human sizes.
  • Most traits can carry over to the human avatar form, including wings, tails, scales, horns, foliage, and elemental auras. These traits should match the Stygian's in colouration and type. 
  • Traits that alter the human-form body do not carry over. For example, front paws cannot carry over. 
  • Can have any type of clothing, accessories, tattoos, and such. These can also change quest to quest. 



  • Should be based on a real-world animal.
  • Colour and markings should match the Stygian. 
  • The animal avatar should be the same size as the Stygian would normally be. (So yes, a mouse avatar would be deer sized!)
  • Traits do not carry over to animal avatars forms, as in most cases this would make them look mythical. 
  • Animal avatars can have accessories.



  • Can be any mythical or fantasy type creature. 
    • Mythical avatar forms cannot resemble any other Stygian subspecies, daydream, copyrighted characters (no Pokemon, etc), or other arpg species.
  • Colour and marking rules follow those for animal/human avatars as applicable. Mythical animals would follow animal rules, mythical human-like creatures would follow human avatar rules for colouration.
  • Size should be the same as the Stygian. 
  • Can have any accessories, clothings, etc. 
  • Any traits can carry over, but should match the Stygian. 

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