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The History of Treatropolis

The history of Treatropolis, as found in textbooks, can be divided into two sections: pre-war, and post-war. Treatropolis was founded by the Sun, known as the Sun of Dreams. It is said the Sun is made of Dream aether and energy, sustained only by the purest energy of dreams from the waking realm. From the Sun, was created the Great Queen, also known as the mother of dreams. It is said she listened to the wishes and dreams of the Sun, and from them, spun those dreams into their own entities, modelled after herself, known as Treatlings. Each Treatling had its own unique "flavour", a dream essence of sorts, a full range of personality and life of their own. Eventually, the Great Queen and her Treatlings would build a city around the Sun of Dreams, call this city Treatropolis, and the sun the Treatropolis Sun. There they would revel in happiness and camraderie for many, many a long time, building a flourishing city based on their contributions to society: be it a knight, a ranger, or even a child of the forest.

However, the Queen would one day disappear, without a trace. In her place, another Treatling, bearing the Great Queen's blessings. It was this way that the royal bloodline continued, a bloodline that was chosen, and tempered by the sun. It was during the Third Great Era when something even more unusual would happen: the bloodline would split into three distinct Treatlings. The First, already fully formed, became the championing ruler. The Second, forgotten. And the Third forsake the throne to become a knight herself.

There was something off about the First however. She grew distant and jealous. She became reserved and angry. And most of all, uncontrolled by the reason of the Second or the leadership of the Third, became hungry for power. And thus was the great Treatropolis War - a war waged between the dream and nightmare realms. For the First, the nightmare realm was a threat on their very existence: wasn't it all too easy to corrupt dreams into nightmares and take them as their own? The fight lasted many, many long years, countless dreams and nightmares shattered that never returned. And in that, the fall of the Third, who had already learned of the true intentions of the first, and already sought her own rebellion. It was then that the war ended in agreed ceasefire.

Things were different after the great war. The city became smaller, more subdued. The once great streets became lonely and forelorn. There was a feeling of a great loss, and with it, a deeper madness enveloped the First. She shut herself inside the castle. Nobody even saw her or knew of her intentions. And it was then, through the culmination of great loss, confusion, and lack of proper leadership that the Treatropolis Sun completely shattered.

And oh, what a horrific time it was. Treatlings, no longer fueled by the great Sun, withered and all but disappeared. What remained was just a fragment of the dreams they once were, their forms reduced to near nothingness. Some of them, without intelligence of cognizance of what they once were, would scatter, near-mindless wanderers of a desolate landscape. Those that survived however, those that escaped this shattering-

- Would find themselves in a strange rift.

The most common theory is that shattering the sun created the rift. From this rift, the broken Sun had chosen these Treatlings, whether out of desperation of intention, to harvest them of their Dream aether, so it could remain. At first, just a few hundred dreams sufficed. Yet, it hungered, more and more. A hundred became a thousand, a thousand became ten thousand. All that remained of those dreams were frozen crystalline statues of what once perhaps were citizens of Treatropolis. The rift grew larger as more were sacrificed. Eventually this rift, this eternal crystal-covered alternate rendition of Treatropolis, watched eternally by simply a vocarious, deep-violet sun, would become known as the In-Between. A state of true in between, of neither Dreams nor Nightmares. A state of limbo, that could never be repaired, where wanderers and those chosen were sacrificed, and those who were not lived in eternal prison, unable to escape.

Eventually, finally, the Treatropolis Sun would repair itself, and the original Treatropolis was restored. Many Treatlings, blessed by the Sun, returned to their former states. However, many, many more, would not be able to tell the tale of their sacrifice, while others still remained in the nothingness of the in-between. For, the Sun was still hungry, and it had not outgrew its insatiable appetite. As great and iconic as the bright Sun was to the actual Treatropolis, it was fueled by the despair and lost dreams of those eternally trapped in the In-Between.
Treatropolis ("Day" version)

The original state of Treatropolis is continuously still blessed by the great Treatropolis Sun. It is always daytime here. The city itself is split into three parts: the town surrounding it, the railways, and then the great castle where the Queen and her knights reside. The Treatropolis town in actuality sprawls all the way to the very gates of the castle, lively and colourful. Everything in Treatropolis has a specific candy-themed aesthetic: the lamp poles made of literal candycanes, the streets various types of chocolate and hard candy, and the roofs of many a house icing and gingerbread. Treatling residents that are not wanderers usually lead quite a busy schedule: they each when they are called from their Dream to become aether take on a role. This role could be a knight, or a ranger. Some fancy themselves tricksters or mimics. Roles define their very essence, but it does not neccessarily mean they must abide by only their roles: more so that they have a natural proficiency in what they are (though in the case of certain Treatlings, this proficiency becomes a curse rather than a blessing).

A daytime stroll in Treatropolis may lead you to many unusual sights, such as the Sw*dish Fish fountain, the Labyrinth of Lollipops, and more.
About Treatropolis: A once great city that is in the state of restoration, thanks to the efforts of the Treatling Queen and the memories of the citizens that once resided there. Currently the Treatropolis Sun looms over the city, bathing the entire area in a dream energy that makes it entirely unhabitable for Stygians. Treats and Treatlings are welcome to visit Treatropolis, even those under tenous graces with the Queen, as the pay is quite good and there is always food and shelter for those looking for a place to stay, or just the occasional odd job. In the center of restored candy buildings that are slowly being re-occupied with storefronts and stalls, at the top of the hill lies the Treatropolis castle who's sole occupant is the queen. You can occasionally catch a glimpse of light emitting from the tower, as if someone is watching you.
< Current population: ???
Threat rate:
Weather: Sunny
Key Attractions (Click on one):
The Agora
A large, circular opening at the gates of Treatropolis where all the vendors come to gather with there stalls. Here you can find ingredients for almost anything sweet and confection-y, and occaisonally if you're lucky, even some unusual spicy flavours as well. In addition, vendors here sell some very rare, but desired goods: potions, daydreams, cards, weapons, and other great wares. The diversity of the agora only grows over time, and it also seems to be a great shopping hotspot overall.
Strawberry Sundae Sanctum
A dome-shaped monument made entirely of wafers and icing with strawberries adorning the outside rim. There is a skylight in between the interconnected wafer and icing patterns, and inside the sanctum are 12 statues, each one depicting a Treatling holding a different weapon in the order of: double handed-sword, shield, hammer, axe, bow, halberd, daggers, rapier, longsword, staff, wand. The last is not holding a weapon. An inscription below them reads "the 12 guardians".

Spun-sugar windows of various depictions of weapons inlaid with a strawberry border reflect through the light in a beautiful stained glass pattern, though the most impressive feature of the sanctum is the round hole in the very center of it on the floor, and infite crystal well that seems to go to eternity.
Lost Library of Treats
At the end of a long canyon of statues worshipping various Treatling gods (usually just Treatlings holding different weapons) lies the Lost Library of Treats. The library is entirely lopsided: the architect did not give much thought to the foundations of the place, and each floor adds to the unusual circular, cylindrical design. Books are still stored on some of the floors, other floors are still in a state of disarray as they have yet to hire any form of librarian. Here, you'll find some archives such as how to cook a great candy turkey, or why strawberry milkshakes are better than chocolate.
Sw*dish Fish Fountain
A massive fountain with an inexplicable statue of an upright fish, holding two amphoras in both fins. While the fountain is cheerfully spewing a clear, diet soda, and swimming at the bottom of it are swedish fish of various colorus.
Galleria of Starfruit
An observatory at the very top of a decript cliff, it now reads "GALLERIA OPEN FOR OBSERVATIONS". Reconstruction effort has been continued on restoring the ceiling of the galleria, a flat, massive structure supported by beautiful marbled buttresses. The painting at the ceiling depicts what look like a night sky, though the colour has faded over time. There are now beautiful windows lining the walls still shaped in the formation of different stars, and
>Labyrinth of Lollipops
This labyrinth is still what it was prior to restoration: a ruthless, wild maze with nearly infinite dead ends and only one exit. If the sticky sugar from the lollipops does not catch those in its path, the endless bright swirling colours that seem to meld into one another have driven many who did not have a qualified guide with them quite mad. This is now deemed a National Lollipop Forest Reservation Site and signs are put everywhere helpfully such as "don't harrass the local wildlife", or "don't touch or eat anything". There is indeed a plethora of candy-based wildlife in this labyrinth (forest), though the smaller ones are friendly, some can get quite hostile.
Treatropolis Castle
At the very center of the city is an even more majestic castle. Its impossibly high to scale parapets and incredibly deep moat make it nearly impossible for visitors, and hardly anyone has ever seen the interior of this place. It is rumoured that the castle is tended by a host of invisible Treats, but since nobody has seen the Treats, nobody can also confirm, nor deny, that this rumour is true. It is her Her Majesty Queen Vanilla resides, the castle gates barricaded by her sturdy guards. Those who are lucky enough to sneak a glimpse inside the castle are greeted with endless half-abandoned rooms, empty corridors, and walls stripped of many tapestries. A stained glass window paints a picture of a great Treatropolis War that happened in the past, and the throne room has some, just some, portraits of the Treatropolis royal lineage.
Treatropolis ("Night") version

It is a dire sign if one finds themselves in a a "Nighttime" version of Treatropolis. Everything is oddly eerie, silent, cold and still. Instead of residents of Treatropolis, there are only crystals scattered everywhere, and the baleful, pale Treatropolis Sun staring down. Only those chosen as sacrifices find themselves here, the unfortunate few who the Sun considers its siphoning their dream essence to fuel its "Daytime" facade. Occasionally, non-Treatling stragglers may accidentally find themselves there, simply due to the adjacent nature of Dream and Nightmare energy. After all, aether is aether, though those of nightmare aether have a better immunity within. Regardless: it is nearly impossible to leave once trapped. They trick is to fool the Sun, to make oneself appear less interesting and less worthy. To be coveted or hidden by something greater. Only then will the Sun's interest wane, as its focus slips on something else. Only then, can one escape the bitter realm of nothingness.

The In-Between perfectly mirrors the "daytime" version of Treatropolis. The buildings are nearly identical replicas, and wildlife oddly inside the In-Between is abundant, as they are byproducts of being spirited away as well. Some wildlife have adapted unusually to the in-between, as have some survivors, the few and far between. Most remain simply frozen as statues, eternally waiting to be freed and released. Perhaps they will be, one day. For now, they serve as reminders to never draw attention to onself, not as long as the Sun's eyes remain fixated.
The Royal Bloodline

There are Three Treatlings that belong to the royal bloodline:

The First: Her Majesty Queen Royal Vanilla. As the current ruler of Treatropolis, she is considered by most to be eccentric, but not neccessarily in a harmless way. She exists to simply speak the word of the Treatropolis sun, as both of them hide an unusual deceptive nature beneath their facade. Under her rule flourishes a brilliant restored Treatropolis, one of eternal day and energy of Dreams. Many call her an unrelenting queen, but as long as she exists, it is said, so will Treatropolis itself remain.

The second: Sherbert. Willingly dropping the "Royal" from his name, it is said he is a mediator of the In-Between, which he has taken as his responsibility. Those lost and meandering in the In-Between may run into him as he tries to help them escape quite a terrible fate, and avert their eyes away from the truth of the Treatropolis Sun. He has helped many stranded and those who have fallen escape the In-Between, despite the fact that many more, would always be lured in by the false promises of the Treatropolis Sun.

The third : [ This archive has been forcefully removed by unknown sources ]