Welcome to the legendary ascension questline! This is the guaranteed way for you to ascend any Stygian you own, be it MYO or non, into a legendary Stygian. Please note, since this is an ARPG quest reward, you will get to design OR commission someone to design the final result legendary look for your Stygian at the end! All stat, effect, and elemental bonuses you will obtain once you've ascended that Stygian to legendary.

 This quest is permanent and is meant as a sort of "longterm work project" for your Stygian for you to work towards. There is absolutely no rush in completing it, as it is one redeem per owner, just a reward for those who do decide to progress deep into the ARPG! (Expected time to fulfill the requirements would at least be several months!)

 This very special questline is available only ONCE PER USER! Simply SUBMIT THE ENTIRE QUESTLINE IN ONE DEVIATION (or separate if you wish) to the gallery to complete it! There may be very, very rare items in the future to ascend more Stygian to legendary?



  •  At least 3 job classes mastered/learned to LEVEL 4 and ANOTHER ON TOP to level 5. You can once again see all job classes HERE. For example, Assassin level 4, Berserker level 4, Alchemist level 4, and Knights Guard level 5
  •  At LEAST 2 (60 days) months must have passed from when you obtained your Stygian you want to ascend with!
  •  If your legendary MYO made does not follow the guidelines below after you've completed the quest, we do have the right to contact you to make adjustments!
  •  Please make sure you've read what legendary Stygian are HERE



Let us get started with how "branches" work.
 A branch is the theme of your Legendary Stygian. It has the most control/power when inside nightmares of that specific theme. For example, a Stygian with "darkness" would be strongest in dreams of darkness. Instead of asking you to select one, we are going to request you pick MINIMUM of 3 themes. That way, we can work out which one is more preferable. In the event your branch cannot be used/ it is reserved, we may ask you to change your branch so be aware of this!
  Final branch selection will happen when the legendary concept scketch is submitted for approval! (See below).



  • Anything that is not a proper noun such as an adjective is usually okay! Think of a broad theme instead of a very specific thing (it can be specific, it's just hard to work with). It can be anything you think that can show up in a nightmare, be it an abstract adjective, or a more broader noun.
  • No proper nouns please! (Ie "Channing Tatum", "The Eiffel Tower")

  • Example: "Whirlpool", "Sparks", "Kindness", "Charity, "Spiders", "Homework", "Exams", "Tea", "Inspiration", "Music", "Eerie Lights", "Soft Pastels" etc are all good branches!

  • Branch names cannot overlap with existing or reserved branch names! Adding a word or adjective to an existing/reserved branch is not enough to make it different. This means that I cannot ask for "Shining Gold", "Eater of Gold", or "Golden Sun" because they overlap with the existing or reserved branches of "Gold" and "Sun". Also make sure that themes are not nearly identical or fully encapsulated in an existing branch (for instance picking "Ocean" when a "Seas" Stygian exists. You could however, pick something such as "Lakes", "Freshwater", "Aquariums", "Whirlpools", etc etc. 

  • Please keep branches PG. Any branches/words that have heavy implications/associations to non PG overtones (ie drugs, s*x, murder, etc) have the right to be rejected.

  • We have a right to reject themes that are too abstract or obstructs existing Stygian lore ie: Child of Everything, Child of Stygians, Child of Night, Child of Legendaries, Child of Matter, etc etc. Please make your branches more specific, and easily tailored to a more manageable theme! We also have a right to reject themes that may be related to heavy religious context, disabilities, or slander, as well as words that fall directly within, or are a direct synonym of another existing branch's theme (ie: "ocean" and "sea", "ice" and "icicles", "comet" and "meteor", "puma" and "mountain lion..."). By submitting your themes, you agree that your themes may be requested to change if any of these situations pop up - in the case of no themes aligning, we will help by offering suggestions as well! 


Branches found here cannot be chosen for Ascending Stygian: (this list is subject to change)

  • All four seasons, all card suits (ie diamonds, clubs,), all cardinal directions (ie north south west)

  •  Luck, Infinity/the Infinite, the Galaxy/Space, Eldritch/Horrors, Deepsea, Vanity, Destruction, Rebirth, Black Hole, Halloween, Fear, the Unknown, Spiders, Tsunami, Discord, Revenge, Protection, Reflection, Grief, Creation, The Hunt/Hunters, Daydreams, Dreams, Reality, Confusion, Ourboros/Ophiuchus, Hope, Snow, Moon, Eternity, Equilibrium, Books, Technology, Constellations, Dusk, Twilight, Horror, Eons, Salt, Balance, Turtles, Nature, Hatred, The Library, Everything/All, Fiction, Astronomy, Divination, Valkyrie, Guns, Cards, Spear, Staff, Bow, Axe, Shield, Sword, Emissary, Heroes, Villians, Gryphons, Forgiveness, Hunger, Harvest

  •  All existing themes HERE (see the TOP RIGHT corner of each box) - to make this easier just type in the search box the theme, and if it pops up it is taken.

  •  All major elements that exist on the elemental alignment + all existing job class ones (just to prevent overlap names) + any that overlap with a Stygian subspecies name (dragon, kirin, etc, just to prevent it from being confusing).

  •  Time-related ones, we're trying to avoid time travel

  •  Nothing that infringes directly off another IP (ie: "Materia", "Chocobos", "the Master Sword")



 Once you've picked out three possible branches for your ascending Stygian, pick one of the themes and draw your Stygian in a nightmare with that theme! How you draw them and how they interact is up to you. You may either draw this with AT LEAST sketchy colours + background or write this a minimum of 400 words. Here's a prompt to help you out:


This time, your Stygian is aware the nightmare they arrived in is neither their own kingdom nor from outside their realm. The minute they step inside they realize it is from the tree, the nightmare tree. To every Stygian the tree appears slightly different, for those more aligned with justice perhaps it is a pillar of light, and for those with darkness perhaps it becomes a twisting shape. They know without a doubt however, it is the tree, and as they wait, a branch slowly descends from the tree towards them. Immediately they know what that branch is. It is essence, the power of nightmares in its purest form.

And in an instant the nightmare changes, as it seems to read into them, through them, shuffling through their experiences and creating at first what feels like their kingdom-

-but more. This kingdom is infused with the branch, something so prevalent that even the colours and shapes warp to fit it. Perhaps it is a garden to represent "peace" or "tranquility", or perhaps it is a sinking abyss of stars to represent "the void". Whatever the theme, it at first transforms the landscape and then very, very slowly, spreads into the Stygian themselves as their shape, their very essence is warped, changed by it. They have become that branch, and in doing so, have become something far greater than they once were.



 UPON COMPLETION OF PART 1, submit it for approval and skill points HERE:

  Once you're done claim 10 SKILL POINTS for your Stygian and continue to the below!
  If you decide to fully render the background or write 600 + words, claim an additional + 5 skill points for your Stygian.

 The quest will not be fully approved until the ascension is completed, but you'll still need to submitted so it can be looked over!





This step is pretty straightforward, simply draw your Stygian in their ideal legendary form exploring their kingdom. How does their existing kingdom change now that the Stygian themselves have changed? Does this affect the appearance of their alternate forms? Here's some quick guidelines on drawing legendary Stygian from this questline.



  • At this point in time, all Stygian doing the legendary ascension questline are DIVINE TYPE.
  • You are allowed to completely change the subspecies of your Stygian to any non-restricted subspecies. Legendary Stygian must still adhere with any of the subspecies guidelines but also have access to:
  • + 1 legendary trait (your choice of non-restricted legendary traits)
  • + MAX OF 3 non-restricted rare traits (you can add more with potions if you wish). 
  • + UNLIMITED common/uncommon non-restricted traits.
    • Please note: The max number of traits any Stygian can have is 20 traits, so you cannot add more than that, total.
  • EXAMPLES of legendaries are here!: HERE




They are different now. It is an innate knowledge, and for those craving power they instinctively know they have obtained it, an ability to not just see nightmares but manipulate the essence within it. And in the back of their mind, they can feel a stronger connection to the Nightmare Tree, as it gives them three simple rules to abide by for the exchange of power. The first, to always protect the tree, and all those that dwell within its reach. The second, to continue creating more nightmares to strengthen the tree itself, and the third-

You cannot destroy another Stygian.

It isn't like the mere concept of killing, like observing in multiple, multiple nightmares a subject dying over and over. This awareness is beyond that, it is the understanding that destroy would cease the existence of another Stygian all together. They had the power to do that now, to simply take those weaker and simply tear them apart until even figments of them were too weak to join together again.

This was absolutely forbidden and they knew, without a doubt, if they ever tried, they would lose all connection with the tree eternally, forced to wander the realm, powerless, unable to ever consume nightmares again.


 UPON COMPLETION OF PART 2 for approval and skill points HERE:
 Once you're done claim 10 SKILL POINTS for your Stygian and continue to the below!
 If you decide to fully render the background or write 600 + words, claim an additional + 5 skill points for your Stygian.

 The quest will not be fully approved until the ascension is completed, but you'll still need to submitted so it can be looked over!



 You're done with the storyline part! Once your 2 ascension quests are submitted (only submitted, not approved), simply use the form below to submit your Legendary MYO sketch and branch choices for approval HERE
- Be sure to list your 3 branch choices in the comments! 
- Link to your 2 Legendary Quest Prompts in the comments as well.
- Once again this must be an ascension of an EXISTING Stygian that has completed the above two quests and fulfilled the other prerequisite requirements!

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