L-019: Pride < Sin Of Pride >
Owned By: ShadowTriad
Designed By: himehorse
Rarity: Legendary
Subspecies: Kirin (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests

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Rarity : Legendary
Branch: Branch of Sin - Pride
Jobs Unlocked: Child of Light
Special Type: Divine

Special Traits:

HIS REIGNING MAJESTY : The most loyal followers of Pride are granted power and mastery over the magic domain. They gain the ability to choose [ Magic ] as an elemental type (unlimited use, any who draw interaction with Pride with this owner's permission may gain this)

EYE FOR BEAUTY: This Stygian is something of a professonal tailor! As long as that Stygian is in their domain, Pride may supply them with as many outfits and accessories as they can create. (This effect is an arpg effect only and is not given any masterslist art bonuses).

ROYAL GUARD: The sin of Pride is also considered the rank Royal Guard. He may learn all Royal Guard and Branch of Sin abilities.

Multiple wings (Default divine inheritance)
+ Kirin subspecies
+ Single horn
+ Scales
+ Wings
+ Long Hair
+ Long Tail
+ Fetlocks
+ Elemental - Gold
+ Elemental - Light
+ Elemental - Magic
+ Elemental - Pride
+ Major accessories
+ Minor accessories

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Sin Of Pride


Lawful Evil