Owned By: Katarina
Designed By: Zoomutt
Rarity: Legendary
Subspecies: Sylph (Rare)

Gift Art: NO
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests


Rarity : Legendary
Branch: Child of Midnight
Special TypeHybrid/Cursed
+ Hybrid Sylph x Feyline Nyagon

Special Traits:

Stygian Inheritance: All Guardian Stygian (that do not use "Hybrid Treatling Inheritance") created from this Hybrid will be generated from its Stygian traits
Hybrid Feyline x Sylph Inheritance: (MAX 5 WITH THIS INHERITANCE) When a jar is created from this Treatling Hybrid, with permission from the winner of this auction, that jar can be turned into a Feyline X Slyph Hybrid! See diagram for details:

  • Hybrid attenae detail: Attenae are always tufted, max size is 200% head height (with a small tuft at the end)
  • Hybrid arm wings detail: Arm wings must always be a butterfly pattern/shape of 2 on each arm side. 
Woodland eidolon: All guardian Stygian created from this one may obtain the "Woodland eidolon" trait at no additional cost. It creates a creature that must be made entirely out of any wood texture (100% wood texture), with flower and leaf garnishing of your choice on top (max 25% garnishing). Max sizing is 200% body length of the Stygian. This cannot overlap with shadowweaving labyrinth token, large animal familiar, or other overized familiar inheritances, but can overlap with multiple familiars or small animal familiar. This cannot be overlapped with any other traits or inheritances that allow for an abnormally large familiar. This cannot be inherited from Guardians, cannot be passed on if the design is fully rewinded (though addons to the design is fine), and cannot be passed onto alt forms as it is a unique inheritance.


Midnight Guardian (IC only): As the night draws, this Hybrid is fully within their domain. They can summon a portal to the Nightfey Realm, part of their expanse of connected nightmare kingdoms. It is said that the only way to leave the realm is to make a bargain with the owner: the consequences can be whimsical or dire, depending on their mood.     

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Date User Log SP SP(Total)
2021-02-22 17:06:55 Katarina Used Magical Attack Up! to raise MATK. Stats are now PATK: 12, MATK: 12.
2021-02-22 17:05:52 Katarina Rolling stats! PATK: 11 (taking old PATK of 12), MATK: 11.
2021-02-22 14:55:30 Katarina Rolling stats! PATK: 12, MATK: 10.
2021-02-22 14:50:18 Katarina Element updated to Dark.
2021-02-22 14:50:18 Katarina Rolling stats! PATK: 10, MATK: 10.
2021-02-22 12:07:30 Grifferie Added to the masterlist.
Daydreams are familiars that can be assigned to your Stygian as pets. They can appear at any place, at any time! While they lack the ability to speak, or true intelligence, they do make good pets. Daydreams can also be used in the ARPG as art, and MAY evolve when you assign them to a Stygian, and then give them skill points to evolve them.
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