MYO-531: Lad
ABOUT MYO-531: Lad

Guardian Requests Always open!! NO IC connotations unless discussed with me prior.

(generally with Lad its actually OK lol...)

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Human Avatar

Stygian Art

Character Sheet:


Nightmare of:
being accosted by a hostile retail worker inside a claustrophobic and loud novelty franchise.


Theme Song:

Personality Traits:
Lad isn't the kind of friend you make for deep meaningful connections- that would come at a cost most would consider not worth it. If anything, his natural talent for emotionally shoving his weight around makes him quite the prince of shit-stirring and a great hub for gossip. The trick is of course getting through the exterior front of disinterest Lad puts up at almost all times. Nonetheless he's cold, callous, cynical, hypercritical and oh-so easily pinned down.

Neutral Evil