T-1583: Ve҉par < The Siren >
Owned By: Jettisonius
Designed By: Luwou
Rarity: Demi-God
Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Not open for requests


+ Treatling
Treat Form

[ Can Gift / Trade / Sell ]

ABOUT T-1583: Ve҉par

They say that while Mallow was at the Edge of Dawn, he found himself drawn to the lonely song of a soul lost amidst the ebb and flow of that idyllic prison. Needless to say, some time later Vepar found herself quite free and astoundingly bemused at how she somehow managed to get herself adopted by the spunky little sorcerer. 

Well, no use in wasting time wondering! She's got a whole new world expanding before her very eyes!

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Character Sheet:


Nightmare of:
(Dream of) the song of the seas, guiding you ever to your inevitable destination

The Siren