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EVENT INFO AND HOW TO START (click one of the two buttons):

  • That's it! Have fun and good luck!

  • Because there is a lot of text and it can get confusing, let's break down the event with three easy steps for you!
    STEP 1 Make yourself a questing Stygian! A questing Stygian means its not quite official yet, but allows you to experiment on your idea Stygian design. What kind of Stygian design can you make? Well the sky is the limit, but you can learn all about Stygian, their traits and subspecies [ here ]. To keep things simple though, I'd recommend just making a common MYO like [ this ], with your unlimited choice of markings and hairstyle. If you're feeling adventurous you can add [ traits ] to your questing Stygian, but these are not permanent traits, and you will still have to purchase them with ARPG currency later!
    STEP 2 Now that you've designed yourself a Stygian you feel comfortable using for the quest, you can go ahead and start a CYOA Journey! Select a part of the map that has a ! to begin! For "Select a Stygian", pick [ FIGMENT ]. [ FIGMENT ] is a placeholder npc, you will be replacing this with your questing Stygian!
    Step 3 JOURNAL: Now go to your EVENT JOURNALS and read the prompts. Pick one or a few that sound fun, and make your quest art based off that! Upload directly onto the journal page and hit [ SUBMIT AS QUEST ]. This will be the one, and only quest "type" of the event! INSTEAD OF DRAWING/WRITING FIGMENT, PLEASE DRAW/WRITE YOUR QUESTING STYGIAN TO REPLACE FIGMENT'S PLACEHOLDER IMAGE.
    Step 4: At the end of the event, as long as you have submitted 3 quests, you will be eligible for a free myo Stygian!
    How to Quest: This event works a bit differently in that instead of set prompts, the prompts are whatever you wish to take out of every journey your Stygian makes! These journeys are logged as [ journals ], and within them, contain all the prompts/ events you encountered. You can then pick which prompt you want in that journal to create as your quest!
    Step 1 JOURNEY: Start a CYOA Journey with a Stygian of your pick here! If you do not have a Stygian, pick [ FIGMENT ] and replace that Stygian's art with your own Stygian's concept/ in progress design idea!
    Step 2 JOURNAL: Now go to your EVENT JOURNALS and read the prompts your Stygian was given. Pick one or a few that sound fun, and make your quest art based off that! Upload directly onto the journal page and hit [ SUBMIT AS QUEST ]. This will be the one, and only quest "type" of the event!
    Minimum Main Quest Requirements: Lined + color, Shaded + colour, or lined + shaded. Stygian or Treatling must be 50% full body. Must include a simple background or half-body background (or more). For writing minimum word count is 500 words words (+1 bonus skill point per 50 words AFTER 500 words). Copy and pasted text, fanfic #tags, and word "garnish" that does not make a cohesive sentence structure would not be considered part of the word count.
    Event Quest: ALL EVENT QUESTS have a final deadline of July 20th
    Collaborations: These quests cannot be collaborated on this time around as they are your Stygian's individual journey!
    Commissions: Commissions can be done with ALL quests. However, only the person commissioning gets the reward redeem for paying for the commission + quest completion, so make sure the right person is submitting it! A note that the commissioner's Stygian/Treatling must still be featured in that quest and the commissioner must submit the event quest.
    Quest rewards and bonuses: Bonus skill points may apply to the one alotted Stygian buddy via side quests. No more than one can be applied.
    QUEST SUBMISSION FOLDER (OPTIONAL): This is optional, but we'd love to see your even quest writing and artwork in the group as well, which you can submit here: EVENT GALLERY SUBMISSIONS
    OR OR OR
    3 JOURNALS COMPLETED (MUST BE APPROVED/ SUBMITTED AS A QUEST): YOUR CHOICE: (NEW) Cosmic Treat CYO OR (NEW) Fox Treat CYO OR (New) E-Treat CYO OR Treatling Contract (evolves a Treat to a Treatling)

    5 JOURNALS COMPLETED (MUST BE APPROVED/ SUBMITTED AS A QUEST): x1 CRYSTALLINE GROWTH MUTATION TICKET OR x1 CRYSTALLINE GROWTH MUTATION TICKET (TREATLING). Allows UP TO 50% of the body (body length) to be THINLY COATED in crystal OR a rock candy texture. Parts that can be affected include: neck, chest, front legs (as long as they are not modified). Is crystal texture but can also be semi-transparent. Cannot stack with glass body/ regular crystalline growth (the non mutation version) any potions that affect the body. Can be multi-coloured. Can have slight ridges/bumpy textures (very slight) to represent the crystal texture.


    SHOP BONUSES: You can buy additional bonuses in the Return to Treatropolis (Shoppe). Complete event quests to get more event currency to purchase items in the store.

    FTO WITH 0 STYGIAN: If you've done and submitted/gotten approved as a quest 3 JOURNALS, you can forfeit doing the FTO Figment Questline and instead simply claim a FTO MYO.

    CLAIMS WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE END OF THE EVENT (give us 24 hours for us to close the event) All above journal XXX completion items are account bound, as these are meant to be a one per user reward.

    On the EVENT MAIN HUB, there will be an image icon marked NEWS. Click on it to view the latest information and updates about the event, such as new quests, new event minigames, or new event shop stock updates!

    On the EVENT MAIN HUB, there will be an image icon marked SALES. This will lead you to the Stygian sales (hosted on DA) gallery, where the most recent gallery image should be the most recent sale. Sales are always 48 hours limited time for auctions, or speed for flatsales!

    There are a variety of incredible artists joining us for these sales, where you can net yourself a BRAND NEW STYGIAN or Treatling with sale exclusive traits and certs! If you're curious about the lineup and schedule, click here! DREAM-ONLINE SALES SCHEDULE
    It is HIGHLY recommended you read the INTRODUCTION STORYLINE to the event, its quite short and helps just set up the atmosphere for the event!

    For all returning and new visitors of Treatropolis, the gates have opened again after a strange occurrence. What beckons inside is even stranger - the entire city abandoned overnight, no locals to be seen. Only scattered journal notes and hints in the city can help you uncover the mystery of what happened. This event has no "SET QUESTS" but simply multiple journeys you can take! As the weeks pass by, more areas on the journey maps will be open to explore/ uncover more secrets/lore!

    • To begin, you will need a quest prompt, or "journal log". To create one, start a JOURNEY!
    • [ STEP 1: SELECT MAP ] Select an open map that has a ! and select a Stygian to begin!
    • [ STEP 2: COMPLETE JOURNEY ] Your Stygian will be faced with many decisions! Select what you think fits them, until your journey is complete!
    • [ STEP 3: REPEAT ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS OR SO ] You can take one journey once every 24 hours! Dont so will also net you 5 event currency to use, AND unravel more about the event going on!

    After exploring the ruins once a day, you'll be able to actually view each exploration you did as a journal log! Due to the branching choices and conditions, each journal is potentially very unique and could lead to multiple different prompts/ questlines. Unlocking different conditions during your exploration, like making a specific decision or unlocking a secret password, will also change the outcome of your logs and any prizes you obtain on your journey! You also do not have to explore the area with the same Stygian - if you have multiple try it out with different characters to see what they would canonically do and how the outcomes differ!

    All your journeys you made are saved as character journals. Pick which journal log you want to investigate further, and this turns into your event quest prompt!
    • Follow the [ TABS ] when you click on a journal to see how to submit it!
    • If you don't like a journal you took, you can always delete it or save it for later!
    • [ STEP 1: SELECT PROMPT ] [ SELECT ] a prompt or flavour text you enjoyed from the journal log in your journal. FEATURE which one interests you. Then, create your drawn/written entry
    • [ STEP 2: UPLOAD ENTRY ] [ UPLOAD ] this entry right on the journal! When you are happy with it,
    • [ STEP 3: SUBMIT ENTRY ] Finally use the [ SUBMIT ] tab link to submit it as an event quest! That will complete one quest for you!

    On the EVENT MAIN HUB, there will be an image icon marked SHOPPE. This will lead you to the RETURN TO TREATROPOLIS (event shop)!

    You can buy SPECIAL ITEMS found only in the event shop for a limited time here. The only currency accepted is EVENT TOKENS which you can earn of course from doing quest style events (main, side quests), and sometimes if you're lucky from event site minigames such as Adventures, Arcade Tournaments and the upcoming Dreamlands minigame.


    On the EVENT MAIN HUB, there will be an image icon marked DAILIES. This gives special daily tasks you can complete for bonus prizes! Completing these dailies are optional, but they will be available once every 24 hours Check in, as more dailies will be added (such as adventure ones) as the event progresses!

    On the EVENT MAIN HUB, there will be an image icon marked ADVENTURES. This will lead you to the Event Adventures!

    Adventures is the ongoing Stygian rpg-like battle game! If you're new to Adventures, check out the tutorial!

    New to Adventures for event (limited time) New Event Raids and Event Dungeons will be added! You will be able to access the event dungeons by clicking on the ADVENTURES OWL! Event raid keys can be purchased in the TAVERN SHOPPE or randomly found in the event dungeons. In some Event Dungeons you can even capture daydreams if you have a Capture Capsule (as seen in the infograph above!)

    Defeating the bosses in the Event dungeons the first time will net you EVENT CURRENCY AND OTHER FANTASTIC ONE TIME EVENT ONLY PRIZES! The same goes for the raids as well as special Event only raid achievements!