What is a DAYDREAM?

Daydreams are companions to Stygians that you can equip from your DAYDREAMS INVENTORY! They are passive critters that exist in the Stygian nightmareverse, much like how critters exist in the waking world too! Some daydreams are reflections of creatures from the waking world, others are completely unusual abominations created from ah, daydreams in that waking world. Daydreams are NOT A SPECIES but a passive item/equippable that is a part of the Stygian world. It is VERY RARE to see a Daydream with a unique colouration that is not passed down by its kind, but it is possible! In this case, they are called UNIQUE DAYDREAMS (aka CYO ones below). 

 You can learn more about daydreams here: DAYDREAM INFORMATION



If you have a CYO DAYDREAM TOKEN (just like the little pixel above), you may redeem it here!
These templates are also to be used if you have a DAYDREAM CYO Ticket, for that SPECIFIC DAYDREAM



NOTE: This is copy pasted from the CYO Treat one, daydreams do not need a belly marking.

  • A CYO stands for "colour your own".  They will then be placed on a shading template, and certed, and added to your ownerslist on site. CYOS are not MYOS: the lines are provided, it will just be the colouring that you can pick and choose from your given templates (if applicable)!

  • CYO Daydream, if originally acquired for free, and says in the item tag [ LIMITED 1 PER user from EVENTTYPE ], then it can only be used once per user of that event type EVER (meaning if someone else trades a 1 PER USER of the same CYO event type, it would not be valid to turn in!).
  • If the CYO Daydream was acquired in a sale/auction/some other paid manner, the limit does not apply. You can use any number of CYO Daydream Tokens if they were originally paid for, even if you acquire one through a trade. CYO DAydream Tokens from the Crystal shop are also exempt from any limits, with the note that they are not tradeable. 
  • CYO Daydreams are considered an ITEM (albeit with a unique colouration). THEY CANNOT BE SOLD FOR USD, though if you trade it like an item, you lose that unique daydream and relinquish it to another user - that user will also be able to trade it like an ITEM as they please. TLDR if trading off, be sure you're willing to basically "give your design back to the species" as it becomes a literal item to trade around for whomever owns it. 
  • You MUST USE the provided lines below. All colours must be coloured within the lines. These lines can have NO EDITS (but unlimited colours/markings). Please follow the colour your own guidelines as given below:
    • If the lines are modified in any way, or the image quality is drastically reduced (ie weird white pixels/jaggies around the lines), we do reserve the right to ask you to redo the Treat.
    • You cannot use markings/colouring to mimic things like elements, semi-opacity, extra feathers, or items. 
    • IMPORTANT!You CANNOT add any shading or extra highlights. This includes fur patterning, eye highlights, metallic highlights, and any marking that is intended to or can be read as giving the treat extra shading or highlights. 
    • Please do not remove, change the opacity of, or add to/subtract from the existing shading and highlight layers of the templates. They can be coloured, but should not be used to add extra patterns or makrings - they are shading and hightlights and should be a single colour. The shading and highlights on the template must be visible in the final art. 
    • For some examples of markings vs markings that are shading, see below:
       Click the infographic to make it larger!
  • Downloading the files: Click on the links (tokens) below and the download should start automatically.
  • If you have Photoshop/PS PRO/SAI, you can simply download as is. Open up the file, open the layers window, open the folders, and look for the layers called "base". Colour on that layer. Make sure to turn off the other layers you do not need.
  • If you do not have Photoshop, a good alternative would be something free like firealpaca which can do the same thing. This works on PC and Macs. Open up the file, open the layers window, and look for the layers called "base". Colour on that layer. Make sure to turn off the other layers you do not need. 
  • A tip for eye colouring: You can use a change hue/hue shift to change the eye layer colour! 
  • Tag it as "MISC"
  • Ignore additional rewards! 
  • GIVE A STA.SH LINK OF YOUR DAYDREAM PNG AT FULL SIZE (saved with everything including shading) in the url bar
  • Submit! If approved, an popup will show up in your notifications and you will see your new CYO Daydream in your daydreams inventory!
  • The CYO Daydream token will be removed from your inventory by a moderator.


 Here are the different types of DAYDREAM CYOS: 

By downloading these templates here you acknowledge that you have a correct CYO DAYDREAM Token, and you agree not to use these templates for anything other than REDEEMING YOUR CYO. Those found breaking the rules will be TEMPORARILY GREYLISTED ON SITE WITH THEIR TRADING ACCESSES REVOKED
Click on the token images below - the psd download should start automatically.




Note: You may choose to have one item that is included in the template, or none. You cannot layer two or more items. Items can be any colour, but cannot be otherwise edited. Goob facial expression also cannot be changed.


Notes: Choose one of the existing tail types per token. Don't change the "lights" colour - the eye whites should always be white. As well, the pupils should not have any markings in them, they should remain a single colour (they are a pupil, after all!)


Notes: No adjustments to the highlights and bubble layers allowed


Notes: DO NOT ADD ANY MOUTH MARKINGS, or anything that makes it look like it has a mouth. DO NOT ADD EXTRA EYES or anything that looks like extra eyes.



Note: Choose A or B. Only one pose per token.

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