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For use by Knight or Berserker Subspecies only! Replaces an existing weapon that your Treatling has with an enchanted one.
MAX SIZING: 100 % body size
This is a restricted trait and cannot be used on ANY Treatling or MYO without owning this specific potion. Can only be used on Knights, Rangers, Snipers, or Berserkers.
USABLE BY KNIGHT/BERSERKER SUBSPECIES ONLY Turns/replaces your Treatling's current weapon into an animated one. MAX ONE. (ie pick ONE weapon)
  • For Knights: Must be a shield or sword. This replaces the the previous weapon they had.
  • For Berserkers: Must be an axe or glaive. If your Berserker had two weapons, choose one to animate.
  • For Snipers: Must be a rifle.
  • For Rangers: Can affect the bow only (not the arrows).
  • Without using any modifying potions, must be the same consistency and texture as the weapon it is based off of.
  • The weapon has a "voice" of its own, and is considered living, similar to the small animal companion.
  • The weapon can also have a smaller form, and alternate between the two. The smaller form should take that of a small accessory.
  • All animate weapons can have an aura, glowing markings, runes, sparkles around them (optional)
  • They can be combined with elemental to give your weapon an elemental feel.
  • Cannot exceed more than 100% of your Treatling's body size individually
  • Cannot be based off a copyright weapon (ie: the Master Sword)
  • Cannot be stacked with itself or with the Knight Treatling's original weapon/shield.