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Gives your Treatling an elemental aura/influence. This is a MAGICAL AURA that influences your Treatling, and not a solid object.
MAX SIZING: 100 % body size
  • You must pick any fantasy-style element or naturally occurring element that cannot be a proper noun, or highly specific. While this is a case by case scenario, basically it is best pick elements like "fire" "flames" "sunlight" "sun", which are commonly understood terms, instead of "Divine Light Judgement Beam Fire Aura Mark III"
  • Can be part of, or replace any EXISTING trait of a Treatling
  • Must follow the texture/intention of its element. If you pick a fire element, please don't draw only ice effects!
  • Elemental aura is an aura that changes and shifts with your Treatling! You can have it manifest differently in the ARPG art (ie smaller flames or bigger flames.)
  • Can be stacked! You can have more than one element in a Treatling. Multiple elements can also interact with each other
  • Cannot exceed more than 100% of your Treatling's body size individually
  • Can only replace traits. Cannot replace the Treatlings's body, legs, or tail (though it can wrap around it).
  • Cannot resemble an existing trait that doesn't already exist on the Treatling. For example, you cannot have your elemental aura give your Treatling a pair of elemental head wings. To do this, you need to purchase Treatling head wings, then elemental aura to infuse it and give it that elemental aura.
  • Do not pick actual solid objects as elements, as it is more an aura than an actual floating object. This goes the same with body parts, etc, though you are free to combine them with an actual element to get what you are looking for. For example, you can't have "hands" as an element, but you can have "shadow hands".