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Gives your Treatling a magic accessory.
MAX SIZING: 75 % body size
  • Can be based off any organic or inorganic object, preferably ones that are commonly associated with magic artifacts
  • Must be solid in texture/ identical to that of the object (ie a book has pages)
  • Must be floating or hovering above or around Treatling
  • Must have an aura around or behind them. Can come with runes as well.
  • Because it is magical, it can be magically controlled, but otherwise hovers
  • Can also be dismissed for the ARPG (ie art with no enchanted accessory)
  • Can be stacked with itself.
  • Cannot be combined with any other trait
  • Cannot look like a familiar/ animal familiar (have eyes, etc). Cannot be a plushie or doll or similiar things. Basically it cannot be something that could be mistaken for a familiar/companion.
  • Cannot exceed more than 75% of your Treatling's body length
  • Cannot be a copyright object