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Replaces your Treatling's limb or tail with a skeleton.
MAX SIZING: 25 % body size
  • Can replace limbs or tail with a skeletal limb or tail.
  • Should be the same skeletal anatomical structure of whatever it is replacing
  • Can only be a skeletal texture - but can have elemental for example, wrapped around it.
  • Can be any colouration, but keep either a simple or fractured bone pattern.
  • Cannot be combined with any trait, but traits can work/grow around it (ie foliage that grows around the bones)
  • Cannot replace more than 25% of the Treatling body, not including additional traits.
  • Cannot replace head or body or wings.
  • Cannot stack with itself
  • Cannot add extra skeletal limbs, it simply modifies existing ones (changes them to skeletal limbs)