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Allows your Treatling to have limbs that are detached from the body.
MAX SIZING: % body size
This is a restricted trait and cannot be used on ANY Treatling or Treatling MYO without owning this specific potion. This includes semi-customs, MYO Tokens, Contract upgrades, etc.
  • Think floating limbs - these can be arms, wings, legs, or tail.
  • Can be used on multiple wings
  • Can be cleanly severed, or broken off - but not multiple pieces of fragmentation. Should be a clean break with no extra floating bits.
  • Insides can be a single, solid color, or can reflect a Treatling's "candy insides". If using candy insides, candy can slightly leak, but cannot drip so much that the candy is separated, nor can it pool under/around the Treatling. (Note this is ONE candy, not a variety of candies, ie being filled with only a poprock texture, or only a peppermint texture). Regardless of choice, the limb 'insides' cannot glow or sparkle.
  • Can be detached only once per limb/wing.
  • The detachment should happen somewhere along the limb, not directly from the body. For example, an arm should always have a shoulder attached to the body, and the detachment could happen at the elbow. You can't have just a floating hand, most of the limb should be present!
  • The head must remain attached, if you wish to detach the head, use "object head' potion!
  • Cannot detach the actual body from itself.