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THERE IS NOW A SHOP DIRECTORY FOR ALL SHOPS Are you getting a bit lost on all the available shops and where they are located? Wasn't there.. some token shop.. event shop... I lost count. They are now all placed together in a HANDY DIRECTORY

  • You can view ALL SHOPS in the directory and [ SEARCH SHOPS ] by NAME, CATEGORY, and if they have special conditions
  • You can even [ search shops by specific items or daydreams ]! Simply input a phrase or the full name of the item/daydream, and it will show you which shop contains them and at what price!
  • Click options like ✅ has badges or ✅ has currency (etc) to show exactly what shops have badges and currencies (note only one can be selected at a time)


  • You can now [ FEATURE A BADGE ] your Stygian owns in their badge inventory! This will make it show up on public masterslists and your user profile next to your Stygian's image!
  • You can also [ HIDE AND UNHIDE ] badges! Hidden badges will still be owned by your Stygian, but will not influence the 24 visible badge limit OR show up on their showcase on their profile. Hidden badges can be managed on the Stygian's privage badge management page.

Created at 2023-12-31 01:57:07