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I've completely streamlined how a daydream evolves now!

  • DAYDREAM EVOLUTIONS NO LONGER REQUIRE SKP: Instead, it just requires Silver now (which is easily obtainable from things such as adventures, minigame arcade, etc)
  • DAYDREAMS DO NOT HAVE TO BE EQUIPPED ON A STYGIAN TO EVOLVE: You can just straight up evolve them from your inventory (though if equipped, they can still evolve)
  • DAYDREAMS SHOW EXACTLY IF they can evolve, and what the cost is Ie: if a daydream cannot evolve, you don't need to feed it!
  • You can also still RELEASE A DAYDREAM for silver! (or in rarer occasions, shado wtokens!)

Click on a Daydream in your DAYDREAM INVENTORY to see if it can evolve or not! 

Because the conversion is now silver, the price for each Daydream evolution has been adjusted accordingly! Hopefully this allows you to evolve some Daydreams you've had that were just starved on SKP! I'm not doing skp refunds since anything that happens in the past is past things, this is just something to help EVERYONE in the future!



You can now get (a small amount) of silver by playing any of the arcade minigames, as an alternative to Adventuring!

Created at 2021-02-23 01:20:21