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:crown~1: STYGIAN TOS : We've updated the Stygian TOS for on site use! There's a few changes that we've added to the TOS if you'd like to review them (these are things that have been in play for a while now, but we would like to CLARIFY without it being obscure or abstract)


  • DESIGN REMINDER: Stygian MUST look like their Stygian subspecies (or subsequent characters such as Treatlings, Divers, etc). We understand you're free to take libertiis with the design such as adding traits, but when everything is completed, this design must look recognizeably like that subspecies.
    • We have a right to refuse designs that completely deviate from looking like a Stygian of that subspecies at all. For example, a Primordial Betta Stygian with a fish object head head, fish tail, fishy front legs, would not be a Stygian, as it no longer actually looks in any way like the subspecies. We're pretty loose about this rules and give a fair amount of leeway but the general rule of thumb is if you had someone completely relatively new to Stygians look at your design, would they be able to recognize it as that subspecies, and not as a literal fish, or some other creature that is not related to Stygians at all? Does it look more like an avatar form than an actual Stygian of that species? We do want to make sure Stygian still look like a Stygian to prevent infrigement on other adoptable species outside of the Stygians universe. 
  • DESIGN REMINDER: SUBSPECIES OVERLAPS: . We ask that subspecies not borrow SUBSPECIES UNIQUE traits that overlap nearly identically to other subspecies. An example of this would be adding wishing tags to a serpent Stygian.
    • A subspecies unique trait is a trait that ONLY that subspecies has, as opposed to a subspecies overlap trait such as dragon wings on dragons etc. HOWEVER, as per usual a Stygian cannot nearly look identical to a subspecies in traits it is not a subspecies in. For example, a Stygian with back dragon wings, scales, dragon tail, dragon horns, is 90% identical to the traits of a dragon subspecies. In this case, please change one of the following ie the wings, tail, horns.
    • Again examples of subspecies traits would be: wishing tags, mimic body goop, void tendrils, jellyfish tendrils, long body shapes, lack of hind legs in primordial serpents, etc etc. 
    • Examples of non subspecies unique traits that can show up would be things such as body scales, back wings (on various subspecies), spine fur, etc etc. 
  • REHOMING ALL ARPG SITE ITEMS: (myos, shadow tokens, etc etc)
    •  ALL ARPG ITEMS NO MATTER IF OBTAINED VIA PAID OR FREE CANNOT be sold for USD OR TRADED FOR OTHER SPECIES. THIS NOW INCLUDES ITEMS that were obtained as a perk to the sale, as those items were meant to be used for the original owner who bought the sale, not sold off seperately. You can give them awa

Created at 2021-03-15 02:02:50