Site News
Check in time to time for site news updates! You can also find full updates on our discord HERE!

Mini site updates

You can now SORT YOUR TREATS! They will show up in your sorted order in your site profile AND under "Manage Treats".

There is also a NEW DAILY ADDED FOR GARDENING! Harvest 5 plants per week to get a leaf token here! 

In addition, D-001 SHOULD accomodate for collabs now (Daily -001) for daily quests), but not commissioned artists.

I've done a couple of measures to crack down on alt accounts! For now:

  • If you have a new account with NO STYGIAN, you can no longer SEND others items or shadow tokens. HOWEVER others can send YOU items and shadow tokens to help you with your quest. Ie: I cant just farm newbie grants and give them to my main, but if I am a legit newbie I can have a veteran help me out by them gifting me their items.
  • The trading post now requires a TRADING PASS! It's not too difficult: all your need to do is complete your Figment questline to get a Stygian (or through any other means!) That will unlock your trading pass! Even without a trading pass, you can still RECEIVE items from other users, again you just cannot SEND them. It also makes for a cute trial and error period to encourage users to get used to the arpg first before other things open up!

Created at 2021-03-24 23:53:38