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Jobs and Skill points are seeing a MUCH NEEDED UPGRADE!
There are a whopping FOUR NEW JOB SKILLS released!

The GARDENER JOB CLASS can be unlocked by ALL Stygian/Treatling/Diver characters! It includes item rewards, a unique job class battle skill reward, and gardening abilities!

Now when you go gardening, your Stygian will not only have a stamina bonus to start to improve the quality of your plant (for hybrids), but ALSO add +5 watering to the NEXT plant you plant on their plot! Talk about a huge improvement to their skills!

The TREATLING JOB CLASS can be unlocked by Treatlings! This includes the coveted ability to let them participate in CERTAIN quests in their Treat form, battle abilities, and more!

The DIVER JOB CLASS can be unlocked by Divers! This will also finally let them UPGRADE THEIR RARITY, as well as some fun questing IC abilities, battle skills and more!

Finally, you can upgrade your Diver's rarity with this special item!

The CELESTIAL JOB CLASS can be unlocked by Celestial type Legendary Stygian! This will also finally let unlock some fun questing IC abilities, battle skills, and more!
IN addition, the ELDER job skill level 5 now has a new BATTLE ABILITY!

Do you have TOO MANY SKILL POINTS? You can get rid of them in this unusual leftover skill points shop here! Who knows where they go to...

  • The job skills page now has an extended search bar! You can search for all sorts of skills by reward type, class type, name, etc.
  • There is a dropdown on the job skills page at the bottom of the skill that lets you immediately go to that Stygian's skill page for that specific skill (if applicable/unlockable)
  • On your Stygian's job skills (GO TO YOUR INVENTORY -> MY STYGIANS -> CLICK ON ONE -> BUY JOB SKILLS), you can now filter which job skill you want to see!
  • Phew that's it! Talk about a hefty update!

Created at 2021-04-17 02:15:34