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A new [ CAPTURABLE ZONE ] has appeared with capturable daydreams in the EVENT ZONES! Bring home a Gem Dragon... coloured just like your birthstone!

  • Gem Dragon Isles is full of vicious gem dragons! Most of them refuse to be captured!
  • However if you are lucky, you will see a CAPTURABLE ONE! Those only show up as a final boss, OCCASIONALLY.
  • Whittle it down to low health until a CAPTURABLE ICON pops up!
  • Then, throw your ADVENTURE CAPSULE at it!
  • Different capturable gem dragons will show up every time you do the zone!
  • There are also BOSS LEVEL gem dragons that may show up randomly. They do not drop a daydream but may drop a rare one-time drop prize if you manage to defeat one!
  • When you capture a Daydream (Gem Dragon), it shows up in your DAYDREAMS INVENTORY
  • The EVENT SHOPPE (Tavern) has also been RESTOCKED WITH MORE CAPTURE CAPSULES for you to buy (double the amount as prior)

Created at 2021-06-20 17:17:02