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Do you have too many items? Do you ever wish your Stygian could literally collect/keep an item in their collection/inventory/ as a trophy? Your Stygian can now start their own item collection!

To get started, [ click on a Stygian you own ]-> [ COLLECTION ] tab (scroll down, next to weapons tab)-> [ MANAGE THEIR COLLECTION ]

MY STYGIAN -> Click Stygian -> Collection TAB (Scroll down)

Items can be collected in THREE DIFFERENT CATEGORIES: Food, Equipment, and Treasure. Only SPECIFIC items can be converted into a collectable. You can only add one of each item per Stygian.

HOW TO CONVERT Click on an item from its respective collection type (navigate using the buttons) to convert it to a collectable. When an item is CONVERTED into a collectable, you will get points for it! The item is removed from your inventory, but PERMANENTLY turned into a collection item your Stygian owns (and shows up in their collections tab).

LEVEL UP PROFICIENCY PRIZES After enough APPRAISALS your Stygian will level up a proficiency in one of these three collection types. Each level of up each type will give different and unique prizes, including skp for that Stygian, unique collectable items ,and achievements!

EDITING COLLECTABLE DESCRIPTION You can also edit an item and its description! To edit an item to make this a special item for your Stygian, click on the item to edit its name/description.

COLLECTABLES ARE PERMANENT "ITEM TROPHIES" FOR YOUR STYGIAN Converted items to collectables permanently show up in your Stygian's collections! Basically this item is a trophy for your Stygian/ belongs to that Stygian! This will show up when users click on that item on their profile, and if you have edited their description, will show a canonical description of however they want to describe/name the item! For instance, did your raid key come from another Stygian as a gift? As something they earned? As something they tripped over?

Happy item collecting!

Created at 2021-09-20 14:16:52