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Surprise clover packets have been showing up all over the site! It is believed if you garden and grow enough of these, you may be able to make your own Lucky Clover daydreams!

  • Surprise clover packets are sold in the DREAMLANDS SHOP , GARDENING SHOP, LEAF TOKEN SHOP , and ARCADE SHOP
  • You may also find some in upcoming minigames/ free grants
  • Plant and grow these clover packets in your garden!
  • If youre super lucky, they may even turn into a four-leaf clover! Legend says a four-leaved clover is (with a rare chance) obtained by hybriding regular clovers.. or something like that! They can be used in gardening alchemy (see below!) for special prizes


New limited time for March only Daydreams have been found! Spend your lucky clovers you obtained in the above in Gardening Alchemy (limited event edition) here, and obtain others through more.. unconventional means!

  • CLOVER AND MILK DAYDREAMS Spend your lucky clovers you obtained in the above in Gardening Event Alchemy
  • NEW GOLD DAYDREAMS You may also find very shiny gold daydreams in the gold gacha here! Gold Gacha
  • NEW RAINBOW DAYDREAMS For a limited time only, completing the monthly tasks will give you a rainbow daydream! Gardening Tasks


The gardening rollover for monthly tasks is now live! Certain tasks as listed below have turned into MONTHLY ones! Note, because of the weird cutoff for this month, as resets happen on the beginning of each month, I've halved the requirements for the monthly tasks for this month.
  • TASKS STYGIAN-001 TO STYGIAN-003 have been reset - this INCLUDES any Stygian you have attached up to today. They will also reset at the beginning of each month!
  • TASKS WATER- 001 TO WATER-005 have been reset for ALL users - this INCLUDES any watering you have done up to today (if you're wondering why there is no watering showing up in your logs)! They will also reset at the beginning of each month!
  • For the above tasks, just for March only, you may see a Lucky Clover daydream special bonus!

Gardening Changelog (misc)

Gardening changelogs:
  • Updated some search issues, so you can search things easier in alchemy
  • Added some event seed packets to the gardening shops (see above)
  • Fixed some legacy code
  • REMOVED ALL WATERING AND STYGIAN ATTACHMENT LOGS. THEY ARE COMPLETELY RESET and will accumulate monthly/ be reset at the first of each month. This ONLY affects these two tasks/ logs. Note: only the logs have been removed, you'll notice if you have any plants with like 10/20 clicks, they still have 10/20 clicks.

Created at 2022-03-15 21:35:53