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I've updated how the journey cooldowns change, and added a STAMINA BAR instead!

  • Each journey now takes 50 stamina! That means with 100 stamina (the max amount), you can decide if you want to do 2 of zone 2's or like one of each zone (and then allocate accordingly once zone 3 comes out)
  • Stamina refreshes approximately 4 stamina every hour from the last refresh /when your stamina was restored (it will tell you on the timer)
  • Restoration is CUMULATIVE meaning you can leave the page alone for 24 hours if you wish and it will restore 96 stamina! (at 4 stamina an hour) Of course, stamina caps out at 100, but you can restore any amount till max
  • EVENT REWARDS HAVE BEEN CHANGED TO REFLECT STAMINA. You will now gain: 3 event (currency) PER journey, as opposed to 5. If you're pressed for time, you can also immediately "forfeit" a journey - while this does take 50 stamina, it also immediately gives you the 3 event currency per trip! (The downside being you will not have a complete journey log if you want to use it in the future/ will not be able to find the secret achievements/items/ journals) .
  • ALL STAMINA HAS BEEN REFRESHED That means you all start off with 100 stamina and can do 2 fresh journeys!

Created at 2022-06-16 00:56:40