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Treatlings can now also have alternate forms instead of just one subspecies form! That means their Treat form gets an additional form too!

What is an alt-subspecies?
  • An alt form means an alternate form/design of an existing character. Think of it as an alternate glamour or shape that character can take!
  • For example, your Treatling may have started off as a Witch Treatling, but using an Astrologer Alt-Subspecies Ticket, can also have an Astrologer form. That means they can freely shift between the two subspecies, both forms are canon!
  • All alternate forms will also show up on that character's masterslist art for you to pick, and in their Treat form's art for the Treat form!

I own a Treatling Alt-Subspecies ticket! (How to use)

To submit:
  • 1) Make sure you have the correct "Treatling Alt-Subspecies Ticket" AND create the Treatling AND Treat form design for the new subspecies
  • 2) Submit the images using the redeem form below! (if it has dream and nightmare just submit additional images in additional comments). Treats do NOT get D&N forms.
  • 3) Select [ ALT -MYO ] for redeem type
  • 4) Select the subspecies (whatever the ticket youre using)AND the correct redeem item (ie subspecies is "Pirate") and item is "Alt-Subspecies Axolotl Pirate" to submit a Pirate Treatling + Axolotl Treat for alt form
  • 5) Select the correct existing Treatling AND Treat character forms in the dropdown
  • 6) You're done! Once everything is approved, your Treatling AND Treat form should show up (Treat form goes in their Treat image)

Additional notes
  • You can select different "active" Treatling and Treat forms on site as this doesn't really affect anything. Lore wise however, if they are a Wishing Treatling, their Treat form is corresponding (so canonically both shift at the same time).
  • You can still use alt-subspecies as rebase if you wish! To do so, select "rebase" in the dropdown instead of "alt-sub"
  • Effective now, you can submit your Treatling alt-subspecies items
  • Any Treatling rebase items APPROVED cannot be edited to Treatling alt-subspecies

Created at 2022-09-05 00:20:07