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Is your items inventory too cluttered? Do you have issues finding everything or even getting it to load? Do you want to trade items but not specific ones and need a safe spot to put them in? Want to keep general items hidden from user view? Item storage is here!

    • Use the [ INVENTORY TRANSFER ] to store up to 20 items at a time into your [ STORAGE ]
    • To view your storage to go the [ STORAGE TRANSFER ] to view items there, and transfer them back to inventory!
    • You can ADD ITEMS IN STORAGE TO YOUR FAVOURITES. Click on the item (image) and click [ ADD TO FAVOURITES ]. As long as that item is in storage (status removed when taken from storage), you can search your favourites by selecting the [ FAVOURITES ] from the [ CATEGORY ] search dropdown!
    • All search features from items are now also in storage search including by name, type, rarity, etc etc and keywords!
    • Click on an item in inventory xfer OR storage xfer to see detailed information about it! (Just a note some logs for older items are not available as item logs were coded differently a couple years back)
    • Items in log will also show if it is in storage (for older items this does not work)

Created at 2023-03-09 02:41:07