D-851: Krystellius < Child of the Hourglass >
Owned By: MalisVitterfolk
Designed By: 0alacrity
Rarity: Demi-God
Subspecies: Bookwyrm (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Free, but contact first via site notes


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D-851: Krystellius's Showcase



Legendary Syldragon

Legendary Morpho Floresce

Legendary Divine Crow

Legendary Winter Equinox

Kippony Seraphic

Legendary Mome Wraith Contract

ABOUT D-851: Krystellius

Nestled within an endless desert, hidden between mounds of shimmering, sparkling sand, there lies a building. Upon a cursory glance, there are a vagueness about it as if the exact shape seemed to change at the whims of the occupant. Sometimes towering above the sandy landscape with a multitude of towers reaching up into the sky, sometimes a small hovel hidden between dunes that glitter in the moonlight. As if the story it is trying to tell can change with the passage of times, or maybe the whims of the writer. As you get closer, the building seems to loom in the starry expanse, but if there are any windows they are brightly lit with a warmth that could only come from firelight. You walk up to a small understated door, a lion's head knocker situated just under a plaque that reads "For those who wish to know." At least it seems to read that... you get the feeling that the language it is written in is not what you just read but some how you were able to understand all the same. You push the door slightly to find it unlocked, the same welcoming firelight glow spilling out onto the sandy path you stand on. You take a deep breath and step forward through the threshold.

The cavernous rooms open out before you as soon as the first step is taken. Picture a library, rows and rows of shelves as far as the eye can see, possibly even further if you squinted. However, instead of books or scrolls as you would expect, instead there is just rows and rows of hourglasses. Small intricate ones in coppers and silvers are nestled in between large imposing hourglasses with iron or mahogany finishes. Simple, plain glasses are mixed in with gem-encrusted gold heirloom pieces. Some are made of natural woods, the vines still sprouting flowers and mosses still giving life to an otherwise still atmosphere. As you walk through the halls there is an ever-present low hiss as each hourglass moves its contents from the upper lobe to the lower one. You decide to examine some closer and restrain the urge to turn it over, just to see what would happen. Would the sand start flowing backwards? Would it flow against gravity and continue in the same direction? As soon as the urge tempts you it is immediately replaced with caution as the realization hits. These must be lives. Of whos you do not know... maybe of fellow dreamers like yourself? Maybe they do not hold any true connection and the whole place is just an illusion? Still, the thought is enough to still your hand, and you place the hourglass carefully back into it's place. For now, this was exploration enough... you hope you will find your way back to this place next time you sleep.

Krystellius is a little lost to time in that his concept of time is skewed when compared to everyone else. (its not timetravel, more like a severe aspect of time-blindness) He collects history and his Kingdom is basically a collection of autobiographies of all he comes in contact with (i.e. all guests into his kingdom; the autobiographies appear as hourglasses but can turn into books at his whim) Because of this he can be a little 'out of place' or absentminded. When he has your full focus he can be bright, gregarious, attentive (a little too close sometimes as he isn't very good at the personal boundaries thing), and very intelligent. When he is having one of his 'time slips' and his mind is wandering, he is more airy, can seem a bit detached or aloof, and very spacy.

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