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Allows a dream and nightmare form.
MAX SIZING: 100 % body size
  • This allows your Stygian to turn into another coloured version of themselves. This means, in the ARPG they can easily and fluidly (or are consistently phasing) between two colour modes, a "dream" one and a "nightmare" one.
  • ONLY the colour changes, not the traits themselves (though the trait colours can change too).
  • ONLY Light Accessories (common), Light Body Foliage (common), and the Stygian's bangs/fringe (short hair above/around the face) can be slightly modified: ie red roses for light body foliage to black lillies.
  • Traits cannot be removed, or modified outside of colour. That means if they had blue fire element, you can colour change it to green or pink fire element, but it can't become pink ice element.
  • You cannot change the markings on the Stygian however: you can change the colours of the markings (as well as all base colours etc).
This trait is okay to replicate artificially on a Diver Artificial Human form. Traits not listed as Artificial okay can be used on their Stygian form as long as they combined (with Artificial okay traits) does not exceed their assigned rarity (ie if they are rare/ rank 2 rarity, they are allowed 1 rare and unlimited uncommon/common traits. If they are rank 3/ common, they are allowed 1 uncommon and unlimited common traits).