MYO-104: Noevu
Owned By: chaosheart13
Designed By: puppy-nei
Rarity: Rare
Subspecies: Grendel (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Open (unspecified)


Miniature Grendel

ABOUT MYO-104: Noevu

Gender: Agender (Uses It pronouns)

Positive traits: Tactical, observant, readied

Negative traits: Cruel, rude, hateful

Nightmare: Born from a bloodied battlefield.

Temptation: Cruel and cold, the organ playing, already the people despair over the bloody and unimaginable. ...All sorts of tempting, driving to suicide, the bloody gore trailed about, the sheer horror of the scenario, that is its domain.

Side: Athro

Hobbies: Feeding off of nightmares and terrifying any dreamers, especially humans. It hates humans a lot.

Alternate form: Human/Gijinka

Shadow weaving: Scarf




Xae - "...He still has not bloomed...why do I care? I don't care about anything. This stupid jar...why do I care...?"

Gracidea - "...Whatever. She's too friendly. I don't get her. ...After that though...I'm glad she's okay..."

Vaast - "Coward. Scaredy cat. How did you even survive that? Still, your resourcefulness, useful. I do like how you survived there, heh. Just keep living or I'll rip your throat out~"

Esther - "Oh I like you a lot. Stoic and cold, I definitely like that. ...You care too much."

Jamie - "Ergh, so perky. I hate you. I do hope you can play your magic tricks with birds' hearts, I bet they'd make the magic more divine~"

Rune - "Well, I can fight you all I want. ...Why are you interested in my shadow weaving after that? I don't get you. Oh well, you lived, that's all that matters. ...You better take that brat with you too."

Rhoden - "Okay, no. I hate kids, screw kids. He's such a brat, I hate him so much. Ugh. No. I don't want you near me, go away."

Pride - "Quite leaderly, a tailor shop with a front? Hm, well, you're eye for beauty is nice. Not even for a nightmare like me. ...Hahahahahahaha, oh wow, nice clothes indeed. This feel...oh, well, hm. Soft. I don't really care for soft. I like rough. Just give me rough feeling clothing to feel, I do like my outfit."

Cala - "Oh, she's nice. Someone who likes to study history...someone who keeps records. We need that a lot more than people think, keeping records...I like books. I kinda hope she made it out okay, that final battle...heh, well, maybe she will, she's a good nightmare."

Vien - "Blind, yet able to see. I want to learn that, I will not go. ...What, approaching me? You shouldn't. ...Fine, whatever, teach me to feel. Teach me to feel the moonlight. I want to feel it, let me feel it!"

Elijah - "???"

Leanan Sidhe - "???"

Milucra - "???"

Caolan - "???"

Nalen - "Oh I hate him. I hate him a lot. A hard battler and an idiot, always rushing out. Hm, he does seem to know how to fight a lot, but he's too focused on attacking. Do study your strategies more~ Also you better stay alive after that."

Katchi - "Coward and an idiot, why do you even bother being with humans? Understanding them? Humans are disgusting, they bring nothing but chaos and fear. And for humans, they love to kill. Just. Like. Us~"

Phura - "Demigod, huh? Well, whatever. You do like fighting and tempting...I don't mind making a mess with you. ...I'm glad you're okay after that."



Chère - "...Your friend, reborn, you say? ...Hm, cute. Whatever. You're too soft. ...Hahahahaha, loneliness? I prefer to be alone. Don't even don't even DON'T EVEN NO. ...Don't even..."

Sol - "Oh, your companion, huh Vien? Well, as much as he is like the sun, and he is, I will point out, he does seem a bit...contemplative. ...Intriguing, I don't mind talking to him."



Karesar - "My first Daydream. A battle ready fighter, yet very hissy at times, heheheheheheh. Still, you fight well, you stick with me even now, why bother? ...Don't bother."

Verite - "My second Daydream. Quiet, sad, I do believe you sound like someone I might've known. ...Oh, a nightmare? Yeah right, something else. ...Not a human. No not even- how do you know that. What the heck are you? Wh- OH YOU LITTLE- I'M GOING TO KILL YOU."

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