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Extra Mouth Rare

Gives your Stygian an extra mouth/extra mouths along the body AND front legs/front arms.
MAX SIZING: 25 % body size
This is a restricted trait and cannot be used on ANY Stygian or MYO without owning this specific potion. This includes semi-customs, MYO Tokens, Guardian MYOS, Alt MYOS, rebases, so on so forth. The only exception is if the Guardian Stygian inherits a rare trait from a parent that already owns this trait.
  • You can have one, or multiple extra mouths (up to five). You can choose one or the other, you cannot have one large mouth and also have multiple smaller mouths.
  • For a SINGLE mouth, the max size of the mouth is 25% of body length (from chest to butt sizing - so chest to butt would be 100%, or head to foot for bipedal).
  • For multiple smaller mouths, you can have up to 5 extra mouths. These mouths can be no longer than 10% of body length each, for a combined total of 10% x the number of mouths. (So if you have 3 mouths at 10% each, the total combined length would be 30% of body length.)
  • When using multiple mouths - no mouth can exceed 10% of body length indivually. You cannot have one mouth at 20% and another mouth at 10%.
  • Can affect body OR front legs. This can be affected on top of multiple limbs/ modified front paws. This cannot affect back limbs /legs
  • Can affect neck along the chest as long as it is not touching or part of the head.
  • Can have pointed teeth only (optional). No gums.
  • Can have a tongue (optional) that is equal to the size of the mouth in length.
  • Cannot be affected by elemental (other than having elemental coat over it), but can be influenced in COLOUR/TEXTURE ONLY by elemental insides.
  • Mouths cannot have lips.
  • Cannot affect head or tail or any other limbs/ elements/ traits.
  • Mouths cannot be "eating" or "consuming" anything. There should not be any form of liquid or fluid escaping from the mouth. This is for PG-13 art guidelines reasons.
  • WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REJECT YOUR EXTRA MOUTH DESIGN IF IT BREAKS THE PG-13 GUIDELINES. IN this case, we will point out what you need to do to make it more PG-13 friendly.