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Err.. well... we're not too sure if Stygian like it but... - if you go to a random Stygian's page (including your own), you may notice a [ PET GENTLY ] button. Please.. please pet gently.

LASTLY some minor QOL changes, I've just changed the icons on a Stygian's profile page (in the tabs) so they're a bit smaller, and the tabs read nicer. You may need a hard refresh (CTRL + F5) on any Stygians profile page (just once) to see the above changes!

We've added 2 new traits!
It does mean if you were lucky enough to get one prereleased you can use them now in your redeems!

JUST A REMINDER REDEEMS CLOSE ON THE 20TH! We are also slowing down our redeems right now (only because I have to do the coding for the event stuff!), but any IN QUEUE will be looked at as the event rolls on, with FTO MYO ones being a priority for us. This will not slow down how often you can submit it, just how long it takes at our end to finalize the more complicated ones!


We're doing the monthly quest shuffle to celebrate Mermay! Check out the two new monthly prompts here, with NEW limited time prizes!

:crown~1: MISC NOTES:

  • Pages, as shown in their diagrams, have a 4- MAX 4.5 head limit (including the head). This is to help differentiate them from full sized avatar human forms! In the past, we have allowed some leniences to height, but we'd like to make sure they're not accidentally mistaken for Treatling/Divers/a Stygian's avatar form as well, as they have been getting recently!

  • A reminder that pages have FUR TEXTURE, and not skin (including on their face), though very thin fur is fine.


  • When it comes to body proportions for the bipedal subspecies other than page, we dont exactly detail the full body proportions of each one to leave SOME room for flexibility, but MAY request proportions of your MYO to be changed if your subspecies accidentally looks nearly identical to another, ie making sure a Sylph doesn't look like a Grendel.

  • Just a quick reminder that for the subspecies you pick, to be mindful to make sure they look, or have the GREATEST resemblance to that subspecies, compared to any other ones. Some suggestions would be things like Grendels having big ole paws, or that comparatively, Sylph have shorter legs than grendels (slightly shorter), with thigh fluff.


This is has been giving a couple of people confusion so to reiterate:

  • Cosmic eyes must only have star shapes in their irises if they have any shapes. This includes a star shaped pupil if they want a pupil (pupils optional).
  • NEW: Sclera is now optional and can come with star OR no star pattern.
  • Cosmic eyes may also have NO SHAPES and just one flat colour. In this case, do not include iris.
  •  NON COSMIC EYES FOR ALL OTHER SITUATIONS (UPDATED because of the sclera update for cosmic eyes):
  • Because of the dangerously close trait overlap, we are swapping how we deal with pupils EFFECTIVE END OF JUNE:
    • Star shaped pupils must now use cosmic eyes potion.
    • Pupiless eyes WITHOUT SCLERA (as per usual) are cosmic eyes only.
    • Regular eyes must still have iris, sclera, pupil (same as before) 
    • Simple pupil shapes still okay, eg these are still allowed: round, oval, cat-eye, heart, square, triangle, rectangle, half circle, quarter circle
    • Simple pupil shapes that would require cosmic eyes: diamond shapes, any pointed star shapes, plus signs, x signs (since they look like stars)... anything that super looks like a star 
    • Irises and sclera may still keep a simple gradient/ dual tone/ rainbow sheen but no heavy patterning. - For a coloured sclera, use coloured sclera potion. This applies a non patterned sclera only.

Created at 2021-05-07 17:11:21