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D-688: Yuki < The Misguided >
Owned By: Hitsu-Chan
Designed By: Lilkyubee
Rarity: Demi-God
Subspecies: --
Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Free, but contact first via site notes

Traits: No traits found

[ Can Gift / Trade / Sell [Max resell value: $300 USD] ]

Dummy's Guide to Floresce
A Chilly Tale
How to Obtain Treasures
Get off my Lawn!
The Labyrinth
Date Note
How to Forge Contracts
How to Draw Manga
Calculating SKP and YOU
Bolt's Signature
Shadowweaving and YOU
To Eat A Daydream
The Nature Book
A Stygian in Scarlet
Gardening 101
Gardening Secrets
The Snow Queen's Tale
Surviving the Marketplace