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D-688: Yuki < The Misguided >
Owned By: Hitsu-Chan
Designed By: Lilkyubee
Rarity: Demi-God
Subspecies: --
Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Free, but contact first via site notes

Traits: No traits found

[ Can Gift / Trade / Sell [Max resell value: $300 USD] ]

Eel Yellow

Key T?ss?r?ct (Easy)

Key T?ss?r?ct (Hard)

Key T?ss?r?ct (EX)

Mome Fluff Blue

Mome Fluff Grey

Mome Fluff Pink

Mome Fluff White

Mome Fluff Yellow

Sea Bunny

Sea Slug Purple

Small Coral Yellow

Small Shrimp Amano

Small Shrimp Red

Plush ???

Plush Athro

Plush Atlas

Plush Sherbert

Plush Whimsy

Aetheneum Key (Easy)

Key Anniversary (Easy)

Key Anniversary (Hard)

Key Bunny (Easy)

Key Bunny (Hard)

Key Candyland (Easy)

Rainbow Candy

Pumpkin Cookie

Energy Drink Candy

Energy Drink Food

Energy Drink HP

Energy Drink Threat

Energy Drink Time

Dreamlands Muffin

Piece of Cookie

Piece of Dango

Piece of Ice Cream

Piece of Toffee

Goob Plant Blue

Goob Plant Rainbow

Goob Plant Yellow

Baby Poisonous Mushroom Plant

Mushroom Cap Plant

Mushroom Harvest Plant

Baby Carrot Plant

Carrot Harvest Plant

Leek Plant

Onion-san Plant

Medium White Radish Plant

White Radish Plant


Boss Key

Basic Shovel

Gold Shovel

Shovel Cloudy Rare

Shovel Foggy Rare

Shovel Night Rare

Shovel Rainy Rare

Shovel Sunlight Rare

Shovel Thunderstorm Rare

Baby Phoenix Hatchling Down

Healing Potion

Greater Healing Potion (Medium)

Random Healing Potion

Remedy Poison

Remedy Confusion

Dreamlands Stamina Restore

Capture Capsule (Normal)

Capture Capsule (Good)

Capture Capsule (Great)

Capture Capsule (Perfect)

Arcade Elixir

Jar of Raid Rewind

Jar of Stamina Restore

Jar of Revival

Fishing Common Bait

Cursed Box

Cursed Contract

Cursed Crown

Cursed Effigy

Cursed Floresce

Cursed Hands

Cursed Horn

Cursed Mome

Cursed Plush

Cursed Potion

Cursed Pumpkin

Cursed Drink Confuse

Cursed Drink Food

Cursed Drink HP

Cursed Drink Threat

Cursed Drink Time

Baby Sapling

Bewitched Toadstool Blue

Bewitched Toadstool Green

Bewitched Toadstool Orange

Bewitched Toadstool Purple

Pumpkin Cursed Small

Rotting Log

Skull Flower Bud

Snap Plant Baby