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MYO-853: Sommer < Eater of Innocence >
Owned By: XanatosDuCrion
Designed By: XanatosDuCrion
Rarity: Rare
Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Free, but contact first via site notes


[ Can Gift / Trade for other Stygian only ]

Piece of Toffee

Piece of Cookie

Energy Drink Time

Energy Drink Threat

Energy Drink HP

Small Crystal Fire

Gold Shovel

Jar of Stamina Restore

Jar of Raid Rewind

Small Crystal Earth

Small Crystal Dark

Dreamlands Stamina Restore

Basic Shovel

Arcade Elixir

Arcade Token

Key Anniversary (Hard)

Leaf Token

Key Return (Hard)

Key Return (EX)

Heart Token (Small)