NYO-020: Elijah
Owned By: MariiCreations
Designed By: MariiCreations
Rarity: Rare
Subspecies: Shark (Uncommon)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Open (unspecified)


+ Jobs Unlocked: Merchant, Librarian

NYO-020: Elijah's Showcase


ABOUT NYO-020: Elijah

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Bday: Dec 9

Favorite Treat: Brave

Favorite Daydream: Order Bunnytreat

Likes: Eat, run or swim free, play, compete

Dislikes: Dirt, strong noises, lose

Alingment: Chaotic Neutral

Faction: Order

Personality: He's a tough Stygian, can be calm depending in the situation otherwise he will rush into doing things, kind only with other Stygians that he has trust or that are not a danger to him (he can smell your evil thoughts, okno, joke joke), and won't cry so easy over things. Unless is a VERY VEEEEERY sad moment.

Has a crush in Eve. 

Backstory: Not knowing from where he came, he woke up one day wandering the Tree without a direction or a destination at all. He was trying to do his best to keep calm and tough, but on the inside he was scared because he was trying to remember what he lost and why he were where it was. He just knew that he lost something. 

Some time passed and he get used to the place and finally found a home, or at least somewhere he could call home. Also found some months later he had fire powers (ironically, being a shark stygian haha) and has joined the Order Faction with "Her Majesty". He is proud of his faction, but sometimes wonders why he is there if he likes to compete? We will never know.

Kingdom: It's like an abandoned ship in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by a lot of water, but deep in the water is surrounded with corals and different kinds of algue and fishes. While the surface is mysterious and dark, the underwater is more happily made and joyful.

Character Traits: Playful, curious, vague/clueless, sometimes annoying. (depends situation)

Alternate forms: His human form is more like a teenager, with jeans and blue shirt, with black jacket. His hair is long with a pony tail, same color eyes as Stygian form. And deep blue converse or brown boots. 

Favorite quote: "Life still goes on..."

Nightmare: From a lonely and nostalgic place, with colors contrasting the "happiness" but with all of it, it still felt lonely.

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