This is a list of all Stygian Traits! ADDITIONAL Traits for your Stygian/ MYO can be purchased using the shop link below and/or obtained in various site ARPG activities. They show up in your items inventory, and you can use them in the Redeem MYO/ML link below.

Stygian being redeemed have a MAX TRAIT ADDON CAP OF 20 COMMON/UNCOMMON/RARE/GUARDIAN/LEGENDARY traits (not including subspecies default traits such as "spine fur" for Parasitic Stygian). Of course this is a highly ludicrous cap: Stygian are equally loved with no traits, some traits, or lots of traits!


Is restricted:
Artificial Okay:

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Gives your Stygian a pair of fairy wing ears! MAX 150% head height.
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Semi-transparency
Traits Cannot be Used With: Modified Ears Multiple Ears
This is a restricted trait and cannot be used on ANY Stygian or MYO without owning this specific potion. This includes semi-customs, MYO Tokens, Guardian MYOS, Alt MYOS, rebases, or Guardian Stygian.
  • Grants your Stygian fairy wing ears! These replace the traditional Stygian Ears.
  • These ears still have a solid ear 'base'. Extending from the base is a 'fairy wing'. The fairy wing should be based on a butterfly wing in shape, but can have any colour or pattern for markings.
  • The MAX size for each ear wing is 150% of head height. (Unless applying [ ++ ], in which case the max size would be 300% of head height.)
  • The wing part can be semi-transparent. However, the ear base should always be solid.
  • Will always be butterfly wing style ears. Cannot be feathered, bat, or other shapes.
  • Can be combined with glowing markings in order to glow.
  • Cannot be made larger than 150% of head height. Cannot be Supersized.
  • Cannot be used with modified ears or with multiple ears.
  • Cannot be applied to Stygian subspecies that cannot have their ears modified. These include (but is not limited to) primordial sylph, primordial feline beta, primordial regular beta, primordial jellyfish beta, primordial bat. primordial blossoming, and styxlings.
  • Does not affect side ear tufts in any way. (Does not add or remove side ear tufts.)