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Change the ear shape of your Stygian to another animal (mammal) ear type.
MAX SIZING: 75 % body size
Traits Stackable: Multiple Eyes Semi-Transparency Foliage Takeover Multiple Ears
  • Can be ears based off these animals: rabbits, rodents, felines, canines/canids, marsupials, bears, horses
  • You can also give the ears a bit of a fur "trim", so for instance if you choose rabbit ears you can give them a zigzag trim, or cat ears a round trim.
  • Must be solid in texture/ but can be fur or feather texture
  • Can be any pattern or colouration.
  • Can be combined with: multiple eyes, foliage takeover, accessories, semi-transparent
  • Cannot make an unusual fantasy shape
  • Cannot exceed more than 75% of your Stygian's body height
  • This trait does not affect side ear tufts in any way. It cannot remove or change them. Only affects the ears themselves.