This is a list of all Stygian Traits! ADDITIONAL Traits for your Stygian/ MYO can be purchased using the shop link below and/or obtained in various site ARPG activities. They show up in your items inventory, and you can use them in the Redeem MYO/ML link below.

Stygian being redeemed have a MAX TRAIT ADDON CAP OF 20 COMMON/UNCOMMON/RARE/GUARDIAN/LEGENDARY traits (not including subspecies default traits such as "spine fur" for Parasitic Stygian). Of course this is a highly ludicrous cap: Stygian are equally loved with no traits, some traits, or lots of traits!


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Your Stygian's original head is replaced by an object and/or floating head. Allows for multiple heads.
MAX SIZING: 50 % body size
Traits Cannot be Used With: Multiple Heads
  • The head must be a "replacement" head that shows the original head is missing (ie absence of original head or a floating head). These "replacement" heads should be inorganic and non animal/ mythical object heads such as: organic items (plants which still need foliage potion), artficial items (TVs, masks, etc etc), floating element (with elemental potion), or completely missing head.
    • Heads CANNOT be any type of ORGANIC CREATURES, to not accidentally get mixed up with avatar forms or other species. This includes animals, human, and mythical creature shaped heads, as well as object heads that are "inorganic" but look exactly like an organic creature head.
  • You are allowed to do animal STYLIZED object heads as long as they don't literally look like an animal head, such as a floating plush head, mecha head, animal mask head, so on so forth. These inspired heads should not have actual functioning eyes or mouth (so like fake eyes and fake mouth)
  • The head MUST be clearly separate from the Stygian's body.
  • The head can be floating, or held, anywhere on canvas, or just be entirely missing (in this case, it would have no "head" at all @ missing).
  • Object also allows for up to 4 multiple heads (of the SAME head type- different markings/colours okay) on the Stygian as long as they are free floating.
  • The heads combined cannot exceed 50% of the body of your Stygian
  • Object heads cannot have a functional mouth or eyes as they are not actually functional "heads".
  • The clear-cut separation line CANNOT be hidden in any way. It cannot be covered with a collar/accessory or with fur/hair. Nor can the head 'rest' or 'sit' on the neck.
  • They cannot have any decorations or additional twists/unusual shapes added to the head without the purchase of other modifying potions (ie if you want plants on the head you need a foliage potion). For halo you need to add halo potion. If you want mist coming from the missing head part, add element).
  • Object heads cannot make a Stygian look exactly like another animal, human, or adoptables species. Object heads cannot make a Stygian look identical to their avatar forms. This is to prevent complete confusion between what is a Stygian species and what is their canonical avatar form.