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Gives your Stygian multiple, functioning eyes on their body and limbs.
MAX SIZING: 50 % body size
Traits Stackable: Third Eye Exposed Glowing Eyes Cosmic Eyes Elemental Insides
Traits Cannot be Overlapped With: Elemental Aura
  • It can be any type of fauna eye and eye shape and must maintain that texture
  • Pupil, sclera, and iris can be any colour. Pupils can be any simple shape.
  • To make them glow, combine this with the Glowing Eyes potion
  • Can be different eyes, doesn't need to be the same (same with colour).
  • Can be attached to the Stygian head, body, and any attached limbs (ie: tail, wings).
  • Cannot be used to open the Stygian's third eye (on forehead/between eyes). For this, use Third Eye Exposed potion.
  • Cannot be floating seperate from the Stygian. For this, use Floating Eyes.
  • Cannot be stacked with itself.
  • Cannot be affected by Elemental (needs Elemental Insides Guardians Potion)
  • Each eye cannot exceed 2x the eye size of the Stygian's actual eyes, and combined cannot exceed more than 50% of the Stygian's body.