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Blessing Stygian must have: (x1 Elemental Aura, x1 Skeletal Replacement) Grants your Stygian the ability to have insides made of an element (such as fire, space, water, gold, etc).
MAX SIZING: 100 % body size

STYGIAN BLESSINGS REQUIRE: Elemental Aura, Skeletal Replacement
  • The Stygian's innner aether (a single, solid color) is replaced with an element such as fire, smoke, space, gold, water, etc.
  • They can "drip" this element or it can be exposed in any way you prefer, such as combined with a transparent body to show the inside part as elemental.
  • For Stygian with skeletal replacement, they can also leak the element from the skeletal replacement part.
  • Can manifest through small cuts or scars. These should be small - they are similar to open wounds on the Stygian.
  • For Stygian with glass body, element can show through the body.
  • Can also manifest through eyes/mouth (glowing, or of that element).
  • Cannot be "hidden", must be visible in some way.