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Add a single row of back spines or fins along the spine of a Stygian.
MAX SIZING: 50 % body size
Traits Cannot be Used With: Multiple Spines
  • Can be either or, or both.
  • Can only be one ridge along the back spine, not two (ie it can only run along the back spine once in a straight line, and not two parallel lines of spines).
  • Can be either: pointed horn-like spines, fish spines, fish fins, dinosaur, or lizard fins/spines
  • Fins can be semi-transparent, or tattered
  • Spines must be solid unless affected by another trait
  • Can extend down to tail from base of neck.
  • Cannot be a different texture than it's original reference (ie: fish spines have fish spine texture)
  • Cannot exceed more than 50% of your Stygian's body size when combined.
  • Cannot be taller than 50% of the Stygian's heights (from bottom of foot to back).