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Allows more than one set of spines or spine ridges along your Stygian's back (up to 3 sets of ridges, however many individual spines)
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Cannot be Used With: Back Spines/Fins
  • It can be webbed, finned, or non finned spines
  • Can be different spines, doesn't need to be the same (same with colour).
  • Must be notably on the Stygian's back spine /clustered very close to the spine.
  • Can also be attached to the Stygian neck and tail (along the back spine).
  • Cannot be attached to wings, any other traits, legs, or head. (Use Fin Fetlocks for leg fins.)
  • Cannot in height exceed 50% of the height of the Stygian.
  • Cannot exceed three distinct sets of ridges
  • Cannot be haphazardly placed, should form distinct "rows" of spines or ridges
  • Cannot look like any form of wings, or be placed in the "wing" section (instead of the back spines position).