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Doubles the size of certain traits. Is "Reserved" for special grants only.
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Treatling Small Animal Companion Treatling Large Animal Companion Treatling Animate Weapons Mastery Treatling Foliage Takeover Treatling Halo Treatling Whiskers Treatling Pom-Pom Treatling Body Rings Treatling Hollow Crater Treatling Enchanted Accessory Treatling Antennae
This is a Reserved trait and cannot be used on ANY Treatling or MYO without owning this specific [ ++ ] Trait potion.
  • Doubles the size of any of these following traits: Treatling Small Animal Companion, Treatling Large Animal Companion, Treatling Animate Weapons Mastery, Treatling Foliage Takeover, Treatling Halo, Treatling Whiskers, Treatling Pom-Pom, Treatling Body Rings, Treatling Hollow Crater, Treatling Enchanted Accessory, Treatling Antennae. Will also the double the size of a Knight's sword or sheild, a Ranger's bow (not arrows), a Sniper's rifle, or a Berserker's glaive/axe (if your Berserker has two weapons, only one can be doubled in size).
  • Doubles the size of traits above, based on the trait's usual sizing.
  • It does not affect any traits other than those listed above.
  • Can be obtained through Patreon as well as special auctions/promotions.