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Increases the size of certain traits. Is "Reserved" for special grants only.
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Treatling Small Animal Companion Treatling Large Animal Companion Treatling Animate Weapons Mastery Treatling Foliage Takeover Treatling Halo Treatling Whiskers Treatling Pom-Pom Treatling Body Rings Treatling Hollow Crater Treatling Enchanted Accessory Treatling Antennae
This is a Reserved trait and cannot be used on ANY Treatling or MYO without owning this specific [ ++ ] Trait potion.
  • Increases the size of any of these following traits: Treatling Small Animal Companion, Treatling Large Animal Companion, Treatling Animate Weapons Mastery, Treatling Foliage Takeover, Treatling Halo, Treatling Whiskers, Treatling Pom-Pom, Treatling Body Rings, Treatling Hollow Crater, Treatling Enchanted Accessory, Treatling Antennae. Will also the increase the size of a Knight's sword or sheild, a Ranger's bow (not arrows), a Sniper's rifle, or a Berserker's glaive/axe (if your Berserker has two weapons, only one can be increased in size).
  • Increases the size of the traits listed above, with no upper limit on sizing. However, oversized traits cannot hide or obstruct the Treatling as well as any species defining or other traits.
  • It does not affect any traits other than those listed above.
  • For very large oversized traits, we as per usual reserve the right to crop the Treatling for cert only to fit the cert!
  • Can be obtained through Patreon as well as special auctions/promotions.