D-621: Nymph
Owned By: Rashirou
Designed By: Rapidashtrainer
Rarity: Uncommon
Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Free, but contact first via site notes


[ Can Gift / Trade / Sell ]

ABOUT D-621: Nymph

These pincers are pretty sharp and dangerous, and its advised not to get too close to them...
Friends with dart, they seem to get along, likes her sharp and witty tongue
The spines and pincer and wings wafting the smells help with navigating through the nightmare world
Wishes they had venom like dart.

Kingdom/nightmare is an oversized jungle like nightmare world, what might be small sized to a human, it's all oversized from the point of an insect to those vvisiting, so naturally even leaves
look like trees to them,
while insects and the wildlife there is oversized and dangerous. Beware of the big predators! As the owner of the kingdom he's the same size to those visiting him personally, but those that
dream up of him from the
waking world see the stygian just as large as the insects too...an illusion in a way because the dreamer is suddenly tiny/insecpt point of view.

Like a mantis, he blend in with the kingdom becoming hard to spot.

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Character Sheet:


Nightmare of:
Insect world point of view, becoming the prey to the insects


Personality Traits:
full of themselves, prideful, cares about everything especially self, somewhat particular about looks, would rather not interact wth others too much-bothersome, self-centered, blunt.

Sweet things and fruit, himself

others, fire, rain, dryness

sharp tongue

Chaotic Neutral