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Full back wings of any type (bird, bat, fairy, etc.) (MAX 1 PAIR)
MAX SIZING: 200 % body size
Traits Stackable: Elemental Aura Semi-Transparency
Traits Cannot be Used With: Multiple Wings Back Wings Tentacles
  • Can be any type of wing, fantasy or realistic
  • Must be on back of Stygian
  • For all back wings, especially insect type, the wings should come from a single point on the back. One way to get an insect type look would be to use a base that later splits, like this: Single Insect Wings.
  • Must be WINGS. Cannot be appendages that are not wing-like (ie: tentacles, hands, etc)
  • Must follow the texture of the wing it is based on (ie if you pick bird wings, it is feather texture), unless using a potion to change it
  • Can be mismatched wings: ie one is bird, one is bat
  • Can be combined with element or semi-transparent to make it have an elemental aura or semi-transparent
  • Can be any marking type or pattern
  • Individually, wings cannot exceed more than 150% of your Stygian's body size (head to foot, not including tail) for bipedal Stygian, and not more than 200% of your Stygian's body size (torso length, not including head and tail) for quadrupedal Stygian.
  • Cannot be stacked with each other! (Ie you can't have x2 back wings)