MYO-732: Lear < Charming Floresce trainer >
Owned By: ZauriArt
Rarity: Rare
Subspecies: Page (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Open (unspecified)


[ Can Gift / Trade for other Stygian only ]

MYO-732: Lear's Showcase

Legendary Cosmic Ribbun

Scale Sprite Luminous

Spooky Floresce Rainbow (Demon)

Spooky Floresce

ABOUT MYO-732: Lear

Lear's Toyhouse profile: 

Water element - Betta subspecies - He/him - all charm and beauty

Everything was silent, cold, calm and dark when Lear was born. He didn't feel scared at all, but a soothing peace wrapping him. When he was enough aware of his physical form he decided to explore other parts, and so he exited the calm waters of his kingdom, eaging to share other emotions with similar beings. He felt so surprised to know other kingdoms where so different. Little by little he knew many other Stygian, and enjoyed hanging around them.

Despite the darkness where he was born (in the dark cold water, bottom of a lake, nightmare) he tries his best to be nice with everyone and change their minds about the bottom of lakes and sea. "It can be a nice soothing place" he defends. Lear enjoys very much meeting new people, specially other stygian with elemental affinities.

Charming . Loyal . Empathic . Extrovert

LIKES : Sea, lakes, Parties, Chating, Jokes
DISLIKES: Deserts, Wind, Competitions, Secrets
TRIVIA: He can perform a wide range of magical water tricks. He loves fashion and enjoys looking at oufits.
He wonders how dreams look like. He doesn't fear dark or dark magic at all.
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Character Sheet:


Nightmare of:
Bottom lake dark water

Charming Floresce trainer

He / him

Sea, lakes, Parties, Chating, Jokes

Desert, wind, competitions, secrets

charismatic, easy-going

dependant, low self-estem

Neutral Good

Significant Others: