MYO-900: Bibi
Owned By: beprisque
Designed By: beprisque
Rarity: Demi-God
Subspecies: Page (Rare)

Gift Art: OK
Guardian Requests Okay: Free, but contact first via site notes


+ Jobs Unlocked: Merchant

[ Figments cannot be transferred ]

MYO-900: Bibi's Showcase
ABOUT MYO-900: Bibi

Born from nightmares of the cold vast emptiness of outer space, Bibi is a spacey and absentminded Stygian who's always wandering into odd places. They would be the type that's easy to rob or take advantage of... if it weren't for the fact that the universe itself seems to watch out for them. They're far luckier than they have any right to be. Any real danger always just happens to go the other way, or barely miss them - and hit someone near them instead. It makes them a dangerous person to be around despite their good intentions.

Bibi themself has not picked up on their ridiculous luck at all. They're so used to it that they just assume it's like this for everyone. In fact, they don't seem to realize they are a creature of nightmares at all... they have very odd taste, and think most of the cursed horrors of the nightmare realm are adorable. When they pull dreamers into their creations, they're always hoping to give them a fun relaxing time, and don't understand why they run screaming.

When they're not crafting nightmares, they enjoy exploring (and getting lost, and coincidentally stumbling home again just before their supplies run out), collecting "cute things" (cursed items), and commissioning the creation of increasingly elaborate wizard hats.


  • "Bibi" is short for something, but every once in a while they forget what, and just make up a new name. Currently, it seems to be short for Benjaminas Beauremont; past names include Elizabeth, Bibibibibibibi, and Ball Bearing.
  • Although their face is not very expressive, they often gesture wildly when they talk. While in Stygian form, their shadow earring does the gesturing for them.
  • They're very disappointed in their fluffy pastel colour palette, and how it clashes with their favourite aesthetics. They keep their cursed item collection on a neat and tidy shelf instead.


Most of Bibi's kingdom is a dark void with no gravity. There's no sound to be heard except the ringing in your own ears. The temperature is always just cold enough to be uncomfortable, regardless of your personal preferences or how many layers you're wearing. If you strain to look, tiny stars can be seen twinkling in the distance, but those with wings will find that it is impossible to actually reach them.

Within this void are a number of paths and floating islands. They're made of a rough, pale purplish stone, which glitters when light shines on it. Most of them seem to be in a state of disrepair, with cracks along the edges and broken-off chunks hovering near them. A few islands are strangely shaped, almost like statues, but are so weathered that it's hard to tell. These structures seem to have their own gravity: anyone who bumps into one will be able to stand on it, and walk all around it without falling off. However, this gravity is weak, and even a small jump can send you spinning off into the void again.

The largest island can only be found if Bibi allows you in. A horribly overdesigned Gothic castle sits atop it. The outside is made of bricks of the same purplish stone as everything else, but the inside is... a strange electic mix of cutesy and spooky. Bibi has decked their house out in dark patterned wallpapers and soft pastel curtains. Plush alligators hang from hammocks attached to the ceilings, their designs ranging from cartoony to taxidermy-esque realism. The hallways seem to shift every now and then, when nobody's looking. In the absence of consistent directions, little plaques attached to the doors cheerfully inform visitors what each room is for - bedroom, cursed item collection, greenhouse, whatever a "skull storage" is, and so on.

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