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Gives your Stygian multiple functioning front legs.
MAX SIZING: % body size
Traits Stackable: Front Paws Skeletal Replacement
  • Replicates the EXISTING FRONT LEGS of your Stygian in shape and texture (can have different markings/colourations)
  • Limbs must be on upper body (not including head)
  • Can have up to 8 additional limbs (2 extra pairs of legs)
  • Can be any pattern or colouration.
  • Can be combined with: front paws (clones the front paws shape), skeletal replacement (clones skeletal shape), elemental, multiple eyes, semi-transparent, crystalline growth, foliage takeover, accessories
  • Cannot replace or be added to other limbs such as wings or tail
  • Cannot exceed the size and shape of the front limbs it is cloning
  • Cannot be different types of limbs
  • Cannot stack with itself
  • Cannot be back limbs or wings